Author, Inspired Advocate for women over 50, and Conscious Business consultant/coach Sue Brightman is helping women over 50 come into renewed brightness and purpose through her book and workshops.

How A Call to Further Becoming by Sue Brightman is a groundbreaking book for this moment

A Call to Further Becoming is the only book on the market that includes the collective voices of 100 women over ages 50-70+. With an abundance of inspiring stories and wise insights, this unique book offers women a promise of excitement and vast possibilities, filled with sparkling examples about the joyous potential for life after 50.

  • This is the first book to boldly introduce ten new “declarations” being lived by a historically groundbreaking generation of women ages 50-70+. These 100 women, who represent the first wave of women that were able to collectively pursue self-actualization, are blasting the old narrative out of the water about disengagement and decline after 50, and replacing it with decades of fertile creativity, zest, and whole new ways of living, loving, and working.
  • A Call to Further Becoming is one of the only books to validate how and why women may find themselves disoriented and identity-confused as they enter this new “wilderness” stage of life, with choices and possibilities never before available to women in this age demographic. The ten declarations, and the ways women are living them, offer an inspiring map, helping women successfully navigate this wilderness period.
  • A Call to Further Becoming provides readers with new and specific models of how women in their fifties, sixties, seventies are redefining and reinventing career and work—discovering this is the time for fulfilling deeper callings and achieving personal satisfaction. Readers learn the four paths most commonly taken for successful “re-firement,” including happy experimentation, birthing new roles from old work, creating entirely new endeavours, and pursuing the thrill of “firsts.”
  • A Call to Further Becoming is the only book to provide women 50-70+ encouragement to identify what they are “done with.” In one of the more liberating and daring declarations of the book, women named seven rousing, humorous, and collectively shared norms they are jettisoning at this stage of life to make room for the lives they yearn to compose. ?”
  • A Call to Further Becoming offers a uniquely uplifting declaration about women’s new relationship to solitude—not something to be dreaded or avoided, but rather a vehicle for nourishing the soul; something to be scheduled and cultivated in intentional ways to facilitate spiritual connection and intuition, self-care, and personal rejuvenation. At a time when loneliness and isolation are conveyed as common at this stage of life, this book reframes how women are reclaiming solitude.
  • A Call to Further Becoming is one of the only books that addresses new ways women over 50 are appreciating beauty as a soul-impelled pursuit—as a value that is far richer than vanity, striving, or chasing youth. Women express how they are magnifying beauty in their homes, environment, cultural pursuits, and choices as well as in their personal appearances.

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How A Call to Further Becoming is a groundbreaking book for this moment

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