Support for Individuals

Working with me as your Coach

  • Are you a woman over 50 approaching the big “what now?”

  • Is something calling you ~ maybe in whispers, maybe in a loud voice ~ to experiment with a whole new path as you complete the old?

  • Do you long for a trusted partner with expertise in women’s transitions to help you navigate your next steps?

  • Does a coach who blends business expertise, personal/spiritual development, and women’s issues feel like a right fit?


If you answered yes to these questions, I’m here to support you as a coaching partner.

Feeling the shift of life’s tectonic plates is an uncomfortable place to be. It’s also a prelude to the next stage; promising for what’s to come. I know; I was there in my late 50s, daunted by the question “what now?” as I completed a career I loved.


Fortunately, there are universal tools and truths available to help you find your way. My interviews with 100+ women from all walks of life unveiled the most important ones.


My role as a coach is to help you hear what you’re done with and from there, what you want to create. I help you paint an exploratory picture using a process I developed of Possibility Scenarios. From there we compose next steps and a plan for my support.

“You have an amazing gift of being a catalyst. I found myself saying things in our coaching sessions that brought new joy to me in the work I’m doing. You are gifted in allowing a person to open up and share their story. Thank you for your warmth and being an amazing mirror of reflection so I could discover what I want and begin walking that way.”

  ~ F. B.


“I am blown away by what the Possibility Scenarios did for me. Your process is profound, Sue. I am clear what  I don’t want anymore. The sessions were deceptively simple … how you brought me into it was perfect. I can see a way forward now. It’s lit up. I’m so inspired.”
~ MJ


In all honesty, I felt like canceling the initial career/life review session as reviewing my life brought up some difficult feelings and even some shame. However, you made the process like redemption. I appreciate the elegance with which you conducted it. I am so very grateful I did it for all the possibilities your coaching has opened.”
~ C.A.

Four Ways to Work with Me Individually

Immediate Mini Exploratory Coaching Session for new clients: 45 minutes


If you’re a new client and have read my book or found me through my writing or social media. In this first-time phone call, we get right to what is going on in your situation (work, life transition, conundrum, big question, vision for your life). I coach you for an immediate shift. You also experience my coaching approach, individualized and drawing from my background in business, women’s issues, and spiritual practice. I share my recommendations for next steps. One-time use for new clients only. $195. Book here
MOST REQUESTED! 6-Month Coaching Intensive for Women over 50 Ready for Change

The Coaching Intensive is a 6-month or 12-month program with a blend of structure and customization. Based on what Sue learned in her research about women over 50 in transition, we start with a timeline review using a visual exercise Sue provides. This anchors us with where you’ve been and what you’ve done, allowing highlights and discoveries about what you’re done with and the unique through-lines of who you are. With an unrushed exploratory emphasis, Sue invites what’s emerging in your intuition and imagination for a creative, happy, full and balanced next phase. This may include beginning to flesh out a business idea with details. It may include something far more spacious, such as disengaging from structure for awhile and using the time purposefully for self-development, experimentation, spiritual growth. Sue uses a blend of coaching dialogues, writing prompts, nature assignments, and a proprietary and powerful Possibility Scenarios exercise. Once you feel delighted with your path/intentions/plan, we book regular support (and for some women: accountability) calls. Get pricing and an outline of the Coaching Intensive by simply emailing with Coaching Intensive Details in the subject line.   

1:1 Retreat with Sue

I love doing these one-with-one Retreats with women! We follow the same arc of group Retreats which normally take place over 5 days (in person) or 2 weeks (virtually) to deliver an immediate outcome. This intimate Retreat is designed to help you get through and out of the “wilderness” — a  specific phase I researched that women go through when over 50 and reaching an unmistakable urge for change OR a disorienting period when a career or path feel complete but the way forward looks blank or paralyzing. Sue guides a three-part arc of activities with time in between for reflection, writing, visioning, and meditation/prayer. The 1:1 Retreat with Sue is virtual (Zoom) and timed around our schedules with a maximum timeframe of one month from start to celebration.  

Coaching Tune-Ups: Post-Coaching Intensive or Post-Retreat

I am always here for clients with whom I’ve worked intimately. In fact, it’s my greatest joy to be with clients before, during, and after the personal/professional transitions we’ve worked on together. Continued support (and accountability for those who like the concept!) is an important part of sustaining the changes you’ve made. I want to make it as easy and accessible for clients to have that from me. Let Summer know what best serves you ~ from one tune-up session to a six session package. You are prioritized in my schedule, and discounted coaching fees are part of this offering.  

Questions? Email Summer, administrative assistant. here.

We’re always in the process of becoming more of who we are and refreshing what we’re here to do. I’m here to help you with both.