Support for Individuals

Working with me as your Coach

  • Are you a woman over 50 in the big “what now?”

  • Is something calling you to creatively refresh your life or work  ~ maybe in whispers, maybe with urgency ~ as you complete the path you’ve been on?

  • Do you feel pulled toward being of benefit in some way during this time of a transformational shift in the world?


If YES, I’m here to support you. It’s what I love to do.

If you’re feeling the shift of life’s tectonic plates, it can be an uncomfortable (if not terrifying) place. It’s also a prelude to the next stage; a promise that there’s more to come. No new beginning came about without an ending first. I know; I was there in my late 50s, daunted by the question “what now?” as I completed a career I loved.


Fortunately, there are universal tools and truths available to help you find your way. My interviews with 100+ women from all walks of life unveiled them.


My role as a coach is to help you hear what you’re done with and from there, what you want to create. I help you paint the picture of what you want using a process I developed called Possibility Scenarios. From there you compose next steps. And I support you as you walk forward.

Feedback from clients


“You have an amazing gift of being a catalyst. I found myself saying things in our sessions that brought new joy to me in the work I’m doing. You are gifted in allowing a person to open up and share their story. Thank you for your warmth and being an amazing mirror of reflection so I could discover what I want and begin walking that way.”

  ~ F. B.


“I am blown away by what the Possibility Scenarios did for me. The process was profound. Sue, I am clear what  I don’t want anymore. The sessions were deceptively simple … how you brought me into it was perfect. I can see a way forward now. It’s lit up. I’m so inspired.”
~ MJ


In all honesty, I felt like canceling the initial coaching session as reviewing my life brought up some difficult feelings and even some shame. However, you made the process like redemption. I appreciate the elegance with which you conducted it. I am so  grateful I did it for all the possibilities your coaching has opened.”
~ C.A.

Ways to work with me as a Coach
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Book an exploratory call to find out if we're a good match.
We’ll jump right into what prompts you to call. You’ll leave with at least one useful idea. Book here
Choose a coaching package that works best for you. (3 sessions, 5 sessions, 8 sessions, 12 sessions)

My approach to coaching is 1) a blend of structure, with a starting place and a desired focus, and 2) room to focus on unexpected learning that emerges along the way. Coaching is not therapy; it arcs toward an outcome though the outcome may change as we work toward it together.  

Things you will likely discover with my coaching approach:

* what you’re done with (an empowering precursor to the next phase)
* information already present to you in glimpses or intuitive knowing
* life or work scenarios you’re ready to invest time in exploring. 

I introduce you to the three paths to help you “wilderness” based on my interviews with 100 women over 50.

If it serves, you write an Intentions Map that serves as a touchstone for our coaching check-ins.

You can book a 30-minute call here to chat about what package would best serve you or email Summer

Or schedule a Deep Dive (1on1) Retreat.

In this one-on-one Retreat, you and I follow the same purposeful and varied activities I use in my Women’s Group Retreat. The aim is to help you move out of the wilderness period — the phase women go through when completing a full and often successful career and facing the “what now?” We do an insightful timeline lookback. You identify what you’re done with. We trace telling themes that highlight who you were born to be what may still be calling you to do. We work on your Possibility Scenarios. You end up with an Intentions Map/Plan that represents what you want to “live into” step by step. This becomes our coaching touchstone. Usual timeframe: equivalent of two weekends; customized hours. Virtual.

Questions? Email Summer, administrative assistant.

We’re always in the process of becoming more of who we are and
refreshing what we’re here to do.