From A Call to Further Becoming

“There are times of rising. And for women over fifty, this is one of them. Gone are the days of going gently into the night, going grey, or going away. We are here continuing to grow: physically, mentally, professionally, spiritually. We are here to further the evolution of good in the world. And we have the backbone to do it.”

Based on 100 interviews with women age 50-70+, Brightman discovers emerging themes of burgeoning creativity, spiritual growth, and a zesty freedom to experiment with new roles, new businesses, and new priorities.

Blasting out of the water the old narrative about disengagement and decline, this exciting and spiritually rich stage of life comes alive page by page with women’s stories, pithy quotes, and Brightman’s insightful narrative.

Why is this important? Because cultural anthropologists have declared that there’s a whole new stage of life from 50-70+ called Adulthood II, never before available. And those who are in this age range—including 58 million women in the US alone—are pioneering what it looks like. Not the least bit attracted to the concept of “retirement” or the worn-out narrative of disengagement and decline in our 60s and beyond, the 100 women in this book represent millions of others who are forging new paths with wisdom, resilience, professional experience, and chutzpah. 

Read this book if you want to:

  • Answer the big “What Now?”
  • Find out what women over 50 are unabashedly “Done With.”
  • Discover what women are creating and leading as they stay vibrantly engaged with life from age 50-70+.
  • Understand the power of solitude, beauty, creativity, and friendships for enhancing women’s empowered becoming.
  • Explore the desires and possibilities for meaningful relationships that women are seeking and fulfilling.
  • Learn practices you can do to boost your own Further Becoming.

A Call to Further Becoming celebrates millions of women who are learning and living all that is possible at this stage.

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Photo of Sue Brightman, Author and Personal Coach

About The Author

Sue Brightman is the founder and president of Women on the Journey of Their Lives, an enterprise dedicated to advocating for and supporting women over fifty through public speaking, writing, teaching, and offering Women’s Retreats and Women’s Coaching Intensives. 

In 2015, Sue began researching the newly emerging state of Adulthood II by conducting 100 interviews with women in their fifties, sixties, and seventies. Inspired by the exciting new tracks women at this stage are laying down for generations to come, she wrote this book to offer new models to women everywhere.

A Conscious Business trainer and coach for twenty-five years prior, Sue has provided consulting and leadership development to some of the world’s largest organizations through Brightman Glover International, a company she founded in 2000. She served as Director of Leadership Development for Pulitzer Newspapers and was Senior Consultant for Covey Leadership Center teaching Seven Habits and Principle-Centered Leadership. She is a certified spiritual intelligence coach through Deep Change, Inc. and volunteer interfaith chaplain for community criminal justice and mental health institutions. She now combines global business expertise, spiritual practice, and women-specific research in her work with individuals and groups.