• Are you looking for a place to connect with like-minded women over 50 as you consider the big “what now?” ~ whether retirement, experimenting with something new, or launching a long-desired project?

  • Would you like to learn from other women’s experiences ~ and share yours ~ to expand your perspective, get ideas, gather feedback and encouragement?

  • Do you long for a tribe with whom you can share a deep personal connection over a period of time?

Join one of our deep-dive Further Becoming Workshops based on Sue’s book themes, or join a 6-month Women’s Group. Both have been created for women over 50 who are navigating this promising phase of life.


Workshops and Women’s Groups are founded on research about what women over 50 want at this stage of life. Both provide powerful, loving places to reflect on what you’re done with, what’s calling you next, and how to move forward with purpose and joy. And they tap the well of experience from like-minded women around the table.


Experience our highly-acclaimed immersive workshop for women over 50: “A Call to Further Becoming: Exploring Paths and Possibilities for Your Promising Life Ahead”

A 6-session virtual experience for you to lean in, learn about, and apply 10 affirming practices that deliver a purposeful and joyous life. High-achieving women over age 50+ need a map to navigate the wilderness of this new stage of life — and this workshop provides it! Based on Sue’s groundbreaking research on women over 50.

Taught by Sue Brightman and available to hosted groups

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for information.

 Join our upcoming May Women’s Circle! (*moai)

We all need places where we’re seen and heard. We need non-competitive, non-performative, trusted friends and colleagues who can meet us where we are as women “in the arena.” Women over 50 yearn for these places.

A chapter in my book A Call to Further Becoming: The New Declaration from Women Over 50 is dedicated to the importance of these relationships. They are consciously arranged and give us courage. This is why I offer Women’s Circles to women over 50 who, like me, deserve communities of belonging.

~ Sue

“I have been heard, witnessed, and valued in this women’s group. Sue, you are able to distill in beautiful accurate way, what you hear, what you witness, and what strikes you. It’s surprising how so many groups want to tell you how to fix their problems – but you have showed me another way to witness. I’ve loved all the aspects of this experience.”

Annette Thornton, Associate Professor, Michigan University