Are you looking for a place to connect with like-minded women over 50 as you consider retirement, experimenting with something new, or considering the “what now” question?

 Are you attracted to participating in a group or retreat to help you discern the next phase of your life, with the gift of other women’s support and insights to enhance the process?

Do you long to hear of new possibilities and new models of living/working in your 50s, 60s, 70s as you consider the next stage of your life?

Would you benefit from group encouragement to listen to your inner voice, lean in to your own wisdom, and explore the new questions you’re asking?

Join one of our expertly-designed groups or deep-dive retreats created especially for women over 50 who are ready to compose the next phase of their life journey.


Our Groups and Retreats provide supportive, powerful containers within which to reflect on what you’re done with, what’s calling you next, and be cheered on in the presence of like-minded women
toward your new vision.

Virtual Women’s Groups (by phone)

Using best practices honed from 15 years facilitating women’s groups and retreats.

Being witnessed on subjects of personal importance is powerful for women. Claim a place to hear your own voice, be heard by others, and gain insights from like-minded women. As we pioneer new territory in our 50s, 60s and 70s during this time of massive evolutionary change, we need a tribe that will hold and affirm us.

“Reflecting on Purpose” Group for Women Age 50 and Beyond
For women whose next step of Purpose has not revealed itself yet. With Sue’s facilitation, you will have uninterrupted time every meeting to share what’s stirring in you about your current work/life & next steps, and to request feedback, support, and insights from group members. Throughout the 6 months, pertinent themes/stories from the Manifesta of Active Wisdom will be shared. Women find participation in this regular forum profound and life-changing.
Group length: 6 months.
Frequency: Every 3 weeks.
Timeframe: 2 hours/session.
Method: Telephone bridge-line.
Group size: Max 8 women.
Dates: Begins December, 2018. This group has been filled! Please contact Sue for spring 2019 group.
Purpose and Accountability Group
For women who have written their Personal Manifesta with Sue OR have identified a specific project/goal/purpose they wish to enact. With Sue’s facilitation and a tribe of sisters cheering you on, you will share progress updates each session on the goals or vision you’re moving toward. Group members will listen, celebrate, support your stumbles, provide thoughtful challenge, and give feedback – all while learning from one anothers’ experiences. Participation requires the skill of reciprocity and a commitment to all group dates so a container of trust and consistency is assured. Women in past groups found this process a game-changer for enacting their plans and discovering their strengths and authenticity in the process.
Group length: 8 months.
Frequency: Every 3 weeks.
Timeframe: 2-2.5 hours/session dependent on number of participants.
Method: Telephone bridge-line.
Group size : Max 8 women.
Dates: Begins January 2019. Please email for details.
Monthly Manifesta Reflections Group (FREE) Come for whatever topics interest you!
This monthly group invites you and other women to share how you think about, struggle with, or enact the Manifesta principle we’re focusing on that month. (Example: Tend to the Vessel with Love is a principle about having regular physical and spiritual practices that help continue being our best selves.) Hear practical highlights and insights from other women over 50, and share your own. Participate in an emerging dialogue about how we as women over age 50 are meeting the unique questions and challenges of this time. What does it mean to be a pioneer in what anthropologist Bateson calls the “age of active wisdom”?
Frequency: Once/month
Timeframe: 1 hour
Number of participants: Unlimited! All are welcome.
Method: By phone. Dial-in provided upon signup.
Dates: To be launched alongside book publication. Please stay tuned!

“This group quickly became part of my soul’s DNA. I have been heard, witnessed, and valued which led me to publishing an article, security two books reviews for publication, and taking a leadership role in another book. I’ve also begun to speak up more at meetings. All of this is evidence that I believe I have something important to say now. I facilitated a 5-hour strategic planning session – and I had confidence! Sue, you are able to distill in beautiful accurate way, what you hear, what you witness, and what strikes you. For the first time I feel I have been heard. It’s surprising how so many people and groups want to tell you how to fix their problems – but you and the group have showed me another way to witness. I’ve loved ALL the aspects of this experience.”

Annette Thornton, Associate Professor, Michigan University

Deep-Dive Purpose Retreats for Women
  Designed specifically for women over 50


We offer Transformational Retreats specifically for women age 50+. Each Retreat supports women addressing the big “what now?” following successful careers or the completion of any life path thus far.


Held in spectacular Retreat settings selected to support our two Retreat themes, Sue and Barbara guide you and a circle of like-minded women through a 4-day, 5-night experience (Colorado) or a 5-day, 6-night experience (Italy!) with a blend of:


  • Powerful exercises to help you envision the life-path you want to create

  • Group sharing & feedback to tap the wisdom of our collective experience

  • Personal practices that enable listening to your intuition

  • Guidance on how 9 principles of the Manifesta of Active Wisdom relate to your purpose, natural creativity, and happiness at this stage

  • Time for solo reflection

  • Opportunities to create individual, unique scenarios that reflect possibilities that are emerging for you during the Retreat process

  • Local outings to seize the gifts of our stunning location!

  • 6 months of group support following each Retreat


As Retreat co-leaders, we have a deep commitment to each woman who joins us.

Learn more below about our 4-day, 5-night September 2019 Retreat in stunning Boulder, Colorado!


This Retreat is full.
Please check back soon for announcement of our next Women’s Retreat!

September 22-27, 2019
Sunday eve 7:00pm Welcome dinner — Fri lodging checkout by 10am (program ends late Thurs pm)
Chautauqua National Park
Boulder, Colorado


Assisi, Italy
Contact us for details about future dates!

We are always becoming. I’m here to help you in the process.