• Are you looking for a place to connect with like-minded women over 50 as you consider the big “what now?” ~ whether retirement, experimenting with something new, or launching a long-desired project?

  • Would you like to learn from other women’s experiences ~ and share yours ~ to expand your perspective, get ideas, gather feedback and encouragement?

  • Do you long for a tribe with whom you can share a deep personal connection over a period of time?

Join one of our expertly-designed workshops or deep-dive Retreats created especially for women over 50 who are ready to compose the next phase of their lives.


Groups and Retreats provide powerful places to reflect on what you’re done with, what’s calling you next, and how to move forward with support. All in the presence of like-minded women.

“I have been heard, witnessed, and valued in this women’s group. Sue, you are able to distill in beautiful accurate way, what you hear, what you witness, and what strikes you. It’s surprising how so many groups want to tell you how to fix their problems – but you have showed me another way to witness. I’ve loved all the aspects of this experience.”

Annette Thornton, Associate Professor, Michigan University

Virtual Workshops and Groups

 Share, learn, be heard by others, and gain insights from like-minded women.


* Happening Oct/Nov/Dec 2022 ~ please contact us to get on overflow waitlist! *

“A Call to Further Becoming”: A favorite interactive 6-session workshop on Zoom for women over 50 seeking to live their best lives.

Join a circle of women over 50 in this engaging workshop where you will learn, discuss, and apply the ten Declarations from Sue’s book to your own life.
This workshop takes a deep and intimate dive into subjects immediately pertinent to the lives of women over 50: priorities, what’s calling you, what you’re done with, and how to enact the purpose, relationships, and lifestyle you long for. The good news is, there are new models for what life looks like at this whole new stage for which we are pioneers! Come be inspired, informed, and affirmed about what is not only possible but happening as women lay down new tracks for this active, promising stage! You will be introduced to the 10 themes/Declarations from Sue’s interviews with 100 women, share and learn from each others’ insights and experiences, and break into small groups to discuss how to apply how the Declarations to your life. You’ll build relationships with the tribe of women in the workshop and take home practices to enact.

Group Retreats for Women over 50
Like the rest of the world, we shifted our group Retreat to a zoom format during the pandemic.

Somewhat to our surprise, this get an overwhelmingly positive response! – allowing some women to join who otherwise would not have been able.

We learned how to stave off zoom fatigue, weave in paired walks by phone, and serve the serious exploration/planning needs of all participants.

So, all future Retreats will be virtual with the same commitment to intimacy, down-time, individual focus, and collectively rich discussions.
The next Group Retreat will be held in late December 2022 into early January 2023. 
Please let us hear from you if you’re interested! 

Our Groups and Retreats are designed to help you step fully in to the next phase of your life.
Newness, joy, and possibilities are within reach at every age.