“Your intelligence, accuracy, clarity, challenge, insight and level of care were something that lit up my whole experience. Your ability to make me feel seen was unprecedented. I felt so honored to be in your presence, and your work has helped me clarify my next steps. I am truly grateful.”

Cameron Gallagher, New Zealand

N. Hagedorn, CEO Genesys Healthcare System

“My first word to say to you is WOW. I had great expectations but you
superseded them. Thank you for the gift you brought to Genesys Healthcare. You added mightily to the development of this team.”
– Norma Hagedorn, CEO
Genesys Healthcare System

“Sue is an inspiring communicator whose gift is to empower others to see the essential point and leave the rest out. Her caring approach is an example of leading without dominance.  She genuinely supports one’s growth. Even when in doubt, she says silently, just take the next small step.”
— Drindy S, Incubator

Fiona Henderson, Hanya Partners, London

Sue provided me with a safe and well-structured process to guide me to some inner thoughts that were suppressed under the weight of working life. As a result of her masterful support, I was able to make two key decisions: 1) to disengage from a work partnership that was not bringing me the satisfaction and fulfilment I aspired to, and 2) to find a way to return to my first love, singing! – something I “put on hold” for 15 years. I am now actively involved in new work endeavours with new partners, and a fabulous chamber choir that is of a calibre that I find challenging and immensely fulfilling. I am deeply indebted to Sue for supporting me through that journey.”

The Diversity module you presented for our extended leadership team in Germany was one of the clearest and most engaging I’ve ever experienced. I truly think that all 80 of us left with less judgment and much more understanding and appreciation for each other.”

CVN, Royal Dutch Shell BAM Leadership Team

“I appreciate your ability to work with the heavy-hitters in life. Your ability to listen and distill in a supportive empowering way are wonderful skills.
Liz D, coaching participant

I wanted to tell you what a pleasure it was to work with you.  Your crisp awareness and gentle, spacious compassion for individuals, at the same time holding the whole group of people, was not an easy task. I so appreciate the skill and thoroughness you brought. ”
— Team leader, teambuilding workshop

“I was very happy to have done the ‘how to interrupt’ coaching with you. One of the CEO panel members  kept talking and I needed to moderate the conversation. If I had not had the coaching, I doubt I would have handled it with confidence! I got a lot of good feedback on my performance. Thank you very much for the help.”
— Name withheld; Netherlands

“Thank you so much for conducting such an excellent Train the Facilitators workshop. The whole experience was wonderful!  I feel much more confident about conducting online seminars, and the future is looking very exciting because of it.”
Jan O’Brien, IAC-MCC, President, Culture-Conscious International LLC
Certified Coach

“Thank you for leading this session and for the Conscious Communication training overall. I really enjoyed it  and was pleasantly surprised how well virtual sessions can work!”
— Johan van der Meijden, Lead Application Specialist
Shell Chemicals, The Netherlands

“Beautifully done – you’re a pro with a huge heart.”
– Diederick Janse, Realize! Consulting, The Netherlands

“You took us through the workshop with such ease, sharing your knowledge and expertise and transitioning with An seamlessly.”
— Sharon Allison, Senior Manager, Royal College UK

“It’s great to hear you laugh out loud when you’re teaching. Most of all, I appreciate your heart.”
— Thomas Vaassen, Realize! Consulting
CoDirector, The Hub Amsterdam

“I just presented to 400 people very successfully … and I attribute this to the time in the Incubator. Thank you so much for your guidance and support. It is deeply appreciated.”
– Linda White, Annapolis, Maryland and Nelson, New Zealand

“Sue Brightman is both a very skilled designer/facilitator and an outstanding partner. Sue understands what it means to partner. This is a word that is often used and less often demonstrated. Sue partnered to codesign and cofacilitate in a highly collaborative fashion. I recommend Brightman Glover International with great enthusiasm!”
– Mary Beth McEuen, VP, Organization & People Potential
Maritz Inc.

“What I most appreciate is Sue’s energy and enthusiasm. She gives the right blend of dialogue, personal experiences, content, and interaction with the group. She kept the presentation lively and kept people interactive.”
– Shell participant, Cyberjaya Malaysia

“My graduate students were very impressed with the leading-edge performance feedback processes you introduced them to as our guest lecturer. They were 100% engaged and are still talking about it.”
– Mike Tharp, Professor Management Studies,
Texas A&M Graduate School of Business

“I feel especially privileged to have participated in the organization workshop you conducted at the Shell OE Conference. I was amazed at how, in a short period of time… you set the stage for a business group learning dynamic. I firmly believe that any business leader should participate in your workshop.”
– Frank Clarke, Organization Effectiveness Coordinator
Shell, Montreal East refinery, Quebec

“I came out of the workshop with more profound experience and wisdom.”
– workshop participant,
Melbourne, Australia

“This is the most motivating workshop I have ever attended.”
– Siew-Chen, Singapore

“You are so smooth and intuitive, caring and present. Thank you for your wisdom, tenderness, and firmness.”
Javier Carvega

“On three different occasions, Sue Brightman expertly and skillfully led our Board of Directors through Strategic Planning at critical times in the life of our organization. Each time, we emerge with clearly defined paths of actionable items and refined policies regarding the execution of our Board’s work. We would not want to navigate those waters without her at the helm. Sue makes us a better Board.”

Robin Cato, JD, Executive Director, SASH

Diana Houget, INMI/NAMI Board member. Presenter at “Ignite Boulder” (audience 850); Keynote speaker, MHP Gala Fundraiser (audience 600)

“Sue, I can’t thank you enough, not just for the time you took with me, but for the loving way that you held a space for me to discover what I needed to learn in order to have the success that I did.  You are a TERRIFIC coach. I learned so much from pushing past my comfort zone.  I feel like I could speak almost anywhere and to anyone now. I hope I will have another opportunity to work with you again.”

“I really enjoy your coaching presence – your sincerity, competence, and heart.”
– Ben Cohen, Byron Katie consultant & trainer

Team leader, CU Research Computing

“Immensely professional, impressive attention to detail, very knowledgeable.”

“Sue Brightman is one of the most skillful communicators I’ve ever met.  She successfully guided me to transform my skills into a leadership presence coach. Without her clear assessment of my greater value to the corporate world, I might never have made the leap into a more lucrative corporate training arena. Sue is an excellent guide for anyone who needs a deep listener who can help them in the arena of personal mastery — becoming more effective as leaders or professionals. She is especially masterful  helping people learn to hold and handle difficult conversations. Sue has the compassion to support people through their challenges and traumas — yet an amazing mental capacity to track conversations clearly and use her clarity to cut through vagueness and hold people accountable for their words and actions. She doesn’t miss anything! She is impeccable in her own communication style, making sure she is clear about her own meaning while considering and honoring the listener’s point of view in the same sentence. Just being in conversations with her, I have learned so much.  I wholeheartedly recommend Sue to anyone looking for a masterful coach.”

Sandra Zimmer, President & Founder, Self-Expression Center; Author, Your Time to Shine

Fiona Henderson, Human-Insight Limited UK:

What a very supportive teacher you are — welcoming and conscientious — and all masterfully seamless.”

 “Thank you so very much Sue. As you know, you helped me break through a period of seriously debilitating personal limitations and I am very grateful to you.”
– Executive coaching client

“I had the great pleasure of working with Sue to plan a Conference at my company. Sue demonstrated a wholehearted commitment to customizing a program for our trainers based on their needs. The finished product was highly relevant, fun, interactive and creative. Our people said it was the best Conference they’ve attended.”
— Laura Balogh, Director of Training, New York Life Insurance Company

FV, European Lead, The Hague, Netherlands, Shell International:

“I’ve picked up many compliments from my team members about the quality of the conscious communication workshops. They all found it very useful. It has really helped my staff to perform more effectively— and with more pleasure.”

“Grace, professionalism, and knowledgeable. Sue obviously knows her stuff.”
— MG, Conscious Communications participant

- H. S., Incubator client

I was in tears when you read back my vision.It is exactly what I who I want to be and what I want to be doing. The structure you offered I really needed … and your insight into my gifts and  personality were amazing. You have the gift of seeing possibilities that I couldn’t see myself.

– H. S.

Yan Song, PhD, Abbott Laboratories, Global Pharmaceuticals R&D Information Technology

“The conscious communication workshops you conducted were received extremely well by our team  in Germany and the US. If they put into practice even 2% of the tools you taught, we will be much more effective.”
Yan Song, PhD, PMP
Abbott Laboratories, Global Pharmaceuticals R&D Information Technology

Margaret Cirella, Corporate Vice President, New York Life Insurance Company

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your efforts with our training division. I was so pleased with the Conference you designed, and am even more so now that we’re seeing the new tools and techniques implemented. Your coaching has been spot-on about progress and where there are opportunities for development. Thank you for all the work and committed follow-through you’ve provided us. It’s been a pleasure for all of us to have worked with you.

“You display that rare quality of both compassion and professionalism. Thank you for your work with us.”
— Bill Swiggart, MS, LPC/MHSP
Co-Director, Center for Professional Health
Vanderbilt University Medical Center
SASH Board member

“Sue is an inspiring communicator whose gift is to empower others to see the essential point and leave the rest out. Her caring approach is an example of leading without dominance.  She genuinely supports one’s growth. Even when in doubt, she says silently, just take the next small step.”
— Drindy S

LD, Incubator

“Working with you brought clearly to the forefront what I was having problems with and gave me ways to move forward in a clear way. I appreciate the practical tools and also the loving support. Thank you Sue. ”

“You have such great perception of people’s needs and their highest potential. And you do it all in such an appreciative manner. Thank you.”
Marion G, Germany

“Sue uniquely, expertly and loving guided me to the passion and the “music” of my work. She helped me shift the entire trajectory of my connection to and communication about my work in the world. I cannot imagine not coming from this ‘new place’ now.”

P.M., Incubator client

–Michele P, Incubator

“Your invaluable coaching was a highlight for me – not to mention being a catalyst.  Your style is complemented by such reassuring care, warmth, strength, presence, and love that you nurtured – safe  risk-taking … and therefore real growth.”

“Thank you for your ability to reflect my experience so I could move beyond the place where I was stuck. You helped me move to where I am now. Particularly powerful was the re-framing of “the gap.” I had not been able to talk with anyone about these subjects for a long time … and as a thinking partner, you made it safe for me.”

Incubator coaching client

Tim Z, Incubator coaching client

“Sue helped me tremendously with her coaching around crystallizing what the hell I was trying to do. It uncovered a crisis of faith and some motivational issues. The whole process helped me purify my intent.  LAND IT! – that’s what Sue helps you do.”

M. Brown, President, MB Consulting Limited UK

“I worked as part of team running international leadership and service excellence program for a 4,500 employee division of a major oil & gas company. Sue was the primary Organizational Development consultant appointed to manage this intensive global program. I learned immediately that Sue was a true expert in her field. With every interaction, whether it be with client senior executives or cynical employees, she was able to communicate respectfully, graciously and objectively, no matter how tough the conversation had to be. I ask myself many times: “How would Sue handle this?” I regard her as a master in her field. Any company that appoints Sue will benefit enormously.”

“Thank you for giving me such wonderful tools, Sue, and in such a supportive way.”

Alisa Chong, General Manager, Royal Dutch Shell