As a child I sensed that part of my life’s calling was to serve people and travel the world. My intuition was right. Today, looking back on 30 years of teaching and consulting, I’m grateful to have had opportunities to fall in love with clients and workshop participants in 40 countries.

But there was something even more important my intuition didn’t tell me when I was younger. It came gradually through my work in leadership development with large organizations like Shell, Pulitzer Newspapers, General Motors,and Huffington Post. Something I learned to hone through studying with Fred Kofman and using the principles of conscious business through my company, Brightman Glover International.

That something was listening. After all the time I’ve spent as a coach and consultant, my life’s calling now seems obvious: I was born to listen and witness the possibilities in other people’s lives.

Through the years, I’ve listened and “possibilitized” through all avenues of my work: whether teaching or working one-on-one. And I’ve loved every minute of it.

Gradually, starting in 2015, my career path began to take a gentle turn. More women in career/life transitions began seeking a distinct kind of support from me, looking for renewed inspiration and direction. More women asking the same question I was asking: “What now?” and searching, sometimes unsuccessfully, for promising models of what’s possible.

I became enthralled as I listened to their stories, often marked by feelings of disorientation and an edgy desire to re-purpose; as if in a wilderness ready to pioneer a new path forward, but without good models for what it can look like at 50, 60, 70+. I became even more enthralled with their stunning breakthroughs as we discovered together a whole new flavor of creative zest, of purpose free of patriarchal conditioning, and the courage and joy to break through assumptions about “retirement” and age.

This new arena for women grew so compelling that I launched a project to interview 100 women between the ages of 50-70+ to understand more clearly the themes, markers, and possibilities of this little-explored phase of modern life now called adulthood two or “the age of active wisdom.”

After gathering 700 pages of experience and wisdom from interviews with these women, I discerned nine important principles captured in a soon-to-be published book Manifesta of Active Wisdom: A Call to Further Becoming from 100 Women Age 50 and Beyond.

I’ve been so inspired by these women and many others that I’ve reshaped my work to “listening and possibilitizing” with women over 50 in similar transitions. It’s a joy to watch courageous women chart purposeful, spiritually-satisfying and love-filled paths in their 50s, 60s, 70s and beyond.

What most influences my work with others is the deep commitment I have to my professional and spiritual growth. I’m a certified coach; trained at the mastery level by Fred Kofman in conscious business and conscious communication. I’m also trained as a negotiator through Harvard Law School. I completed further certification as an SQ21 spiritual intelligence coach through Deep Change. I’m trained as an interfaith chaplain and serve on-call for people in correctional and other institutions. I periodically co-facilitate a spiritual support group for people and their families challenged with mental illness. I’ve authored 23 leadership development programs, including seven on change and transition. In the last 15 years, I led numerous women’s circles and retreats to help women find new levels of happiness, purpose, and fulfillment.

After living in six cities in the US and Amsterdam, I’ve settled in Boulder, Colorado where I hike and kayak as much as possible. I also continue my slowly growing skill as a djembe drummer.

We’re each here to become more of who we really are and do what is ours to do.