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   We offer Conscious Business workshops and consulting.

Conscious Business: For Leaders and Organizations Who Want to Build Value Through Values

The 9 Tools of Conscious Business

  • Mastering Self, Relationship and Task as a business and leadership imperative.
  • Building a Culture of Unconditional Responsibility:  3 practices to develop an organization of Players versus Spectators.
  • Making and Keeping Commitments – 2 Parts : Protocols for creating a culture of high-integrity agreements and increased accountability. Game-changing for organizations.
  • Constructive Negotiation: Steps to transcend entrenched conflicts regardless of the complexities, maintain integrity in the process, and keep relationships intact.
  • Inviting and Sharing Feedback: Guidelines for skillful conversations that help develop others, strengthen the partnership, avoid common minefields, and build trust.
  • Balancing Truth-telling with Listening:  A key tool of speaking one’s truth  with courage while balancing it with openness and active curiosity of others’ views.
  • Trust: What is it? How do we become trustworthy? How do we assess others’ trustworthiness? 3 important levels in business relationships. Self-awareness is the foundation.
  • “Success Beyond Success”: Each person can create behaviors that withstand the biggest and most challenging external pressures and deliver success under any circumstances. Learn how.

Ready to embed Conscious Business into your organization?

You believe in the principles. You support the values.
Now you want the behaviors to be your company culture.

During the pandemic business norms changed. Usual ways of working have been thrown into the air. While some changes have been effective and greeted with employee relief, other have been regressive (think women leaving the workplace). You may still be navigating the new now and wanting to create a culture that can sustain unexpected changes and keep teams aligned and connected. Conscious Business builds organizational capacity. It delivers a shared set of norms and behaviors your employees can practice, help each other with, and be measured on. It aligns your organization’s culture and deepens each person’s leadership skills while focusing on the business imperatives of the day.

Our consulting, leader and team programs, and individual coaching introduce powerful mindsets and Conscious Business tools used by the most successful Fortune 50 companies.

Focused around the nine practices of Conscious Business, we customize our work to directly meet your current business challenges. With 25 years of teaching companies across 40 countries and witnessing them enacting what they’ve learned, we know Conscious Business delivers results.  Outcomes? A leader-ful organization with empowered employees, high trust relationships, crisp commitments and accountability, visible management integrity, and yes – better business results.



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Sue has been teaching Conscious Business all over the world, and every one of her clients has been absolutely delighted. She is an exceptional coach and consultant. I am very proud to have her as my colleague in this effort to bring wisdom and compassion to the business world.

Fred Kofman, author Conscious Business; VP Leadership Development at Google

Podcast and Keynotes Topics on Conscious Business  

  • Leading From Wherever You Stand
    Challenging the traditional view of leadership, this keynote focuses on the powerful leadership presence every person can manifest when bringing the best to Self, Relationships, and Task.
  • Success Beyond Success
    Who hasn’t experienced when a desired position, promotion, or expectation has fallen short of what we had hoped? But success beyond success can be achieved, no matter the conditions. Based on the work of Victor Frankl with a powerful exercise to give every person in the room a “takeaway” that can’t be taken away.
  • Growing and Practicing Leadership Integrity
    How do we achieve true integrity in the eyes of others every day? Beyond the exalted sound of the word integrity, what can we DO to live it and feel the satisfaction that comes from it? This keynote introduces a specific framework and practices to help boost being one’s best, bringing out integrity not only in oneself but in others.
  • Negotiate Anything! (as long as you care about the other person)
    What a surprise when people find out intractable differences can be transcended with the application of a tool that helps discover untapped common ground. A powerful process to experience and one that can be used in every relationship. This keynote requires 90 minutes.

  • Building A Culture of Commitment-Keeping & Accountability
    The #1 complaint in corporate environments is people not following through on commitments. This affects work output and working relationships alike. This keynote introduces a tool that changes everything and gives people protocols for guaranteeing better commitments from and to others.
  • Conscious Communication: How to Talk About Things that Matter
    How can we see our own thoughts more visibly before we say something we regret? Are there ways we can say what we really mean and ask what we really want without damaging the relationship? Yes! This keynote demonstrates how.


Ready to talk about introducing Conscious Business into your organization?

​”Sue has been teaching Conscious Business all over the world, and every one of her clients has been absolutely delighted. She is an exceptional coach and consultant. I am very proud to have her as my colleague in this effort to bring wisdom and compassion to the business world.”

  ~ Fred Kofman, author Conscious Business; VP Leadership Development at LinkedIn


“Thank you for your efforts with the training division Conference you designed! I’m so pleased seeing the new tools and techniques implemented. Your coaching has been spot-on. Thank you for all the work and committed follow-through; it’s been a pleasure for all of us to have worked with you.”

~ Margaret Cirella, Corporate Vice President, New York Life Insurance Company

“The workshops you conducted were received extremely well by our team in Germany and the US. If we put into practice even 2% of the tools you taught, we will be much more effective.”

~ Yan Song, PhD, Abbott Laboratories, Global Pharmaceuticals R&D IT


“Sue managed a leadership program for a 4,500 person division. I learned immediately that she was a true expert in her field. With every interaction with our senior executives and training team she was able to communicate respectfully, graciously and objectively, no matter how tough the conversation. She is a a master in her field, and any company that engages Sue will benefit enormously from her exceptional skill.”

~Margaret Brown, Director MB Consulting, UK/EU


“I cannot begin to tell you the step-wise change you’ve helped us make as a result of your teaching and coaching. The difference in our team communication is remarkable.  Every session you did was the highest quality possible. I am so, so grateful.”

~Cindy Miller, General Manager, Business Applications Management, Shell Oil Company