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A Call to Further Becoming

The New Declaration from WOMEN OVER 50

“A stunning achievement … not only a call, but a summons to all of us to live boldly into a new narrative that embraces all we are capable of becoming.”
~ Pam Noble, author, Becoming Tree

“This book should be one of Oprah’s top picks for the year.”
~ Gael McCool, author, Be Wise Now

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About the book

In this groundbreaking book, Sue Brightman beckons us into timely and promising news about women over 50: it’s not about aging, it’s about becoming more of who we really are and doing what we’re called to do. Based on 100 interviews with women age 50-70+, Brightman discovers emerging themes of burgeoning creativity, spiritual growth, and a zesty freedom to experiment with new roles, new businesses, and new priorities. Blasting out of the water the old narrative about disengagement and decline, this exciting and spiritually rich stage of life comes alive page by page with women’s stories, pithy quotes, and Brightman’s insightful narrative.


“Sue Brightman’s book should be on Oprah’s top picks for 2020. It is so full of deep wisdom that resonates at every level. Its interviews show women aging with grace and power, declaring and defining themselves on their own terms. Sue has done a brilliant job of harvesting the uniquely feminine themes that unfold within each decade. Women over 50 will see themselves in this book, and younger women will be inspired by it too.”
     ~ Gael McCool, author of Be Wise Now: A Guide to Conscious Living

“When you open this amazing book you will find the voices of women who offer beautiful pieces of their stories in a chorus of strength, courage, humor, diversity, and compassion. Sue Brightman is the master choir director who brought these voices together as a gift for this very moment!”
     ~ Elizabeth Fuller

“Imagine feeling a warm hand on your back, reminding you that you do matter, and another beckoning you to reach beyond what you think is possible. Both of these unfold from the pages of this glorious book, crafted by Sue Brightman.”
     ~ Dawna Markova, Ph.D., author of Living a Loved Life: Awakening Wisdom Through Stories of Inspiration, Challenge and Possibility and I Will Not Die An Unlived Life: Reclaiming Purpose and Passion

“This book is a stunning achievement by a woman who has deeply listened to a diversity of women … It is not only a call, but a summons to all of us to live boldly into a new narrative that embraces all we are capable of becoming.”
Pam Noble, Author of Becoming Tree, Mystical Wanderings in Nature Through Essays, Poems, and Art


Welcome to my work and this site!

After 30 satisfying years in Conscious Business international consulting and coaching, I’m thrilled to have established this site to reflect a shift in my professional focus to women: specifically women over 50 who represent a whole new phase of life dubbed by cultural anthropologists “Adulthood II” – or “the age of active wisdom.”

I had been witnessing with curiosity what was happening with women in their 50s, 60s, 70s when at the same time I was reaching a natural completion of my career in my late 50s. I was navigating the big “what now?’ with its challenging questions about identity and purpose like so many other women are doing every day.

I sensed a renaissance of sorts with women my age. Where physical fertility was waning, creative fertility seemed to be bursting forth. Since then, I’ve confirmed in my research how true this is!

I interviewed over 100 women from vastly different professions, religions, races, and upbringings to discern what themes are  emerging about “new tracks” we’re laying down as we pioneer this new stage. With diligent listening and applying the same rigor and analysis I used when completing an organizational culture assessment for Pulitzer Newspapers or a Merger and Acquisition after-report for a global travel company, I identified 10 key themes that declare the new way we’re living as we’re pioneering it!

Women over 50 are blasting out of the water the old narrative about disengagement and decline. And we’re replacing it with whole new and zesty ways of working, living, and doing relationships. 

Right up to now in early 2022, I’ve had the privilege of leading Women’s Retreats, facilitating Personal Retreats for women searching for what they want to do next, teaching university and online classes about the 10 Declarations I wrote about in my book, and helping women write their first books. Soon I’ll be launching Conscious Business for Women with my partner/colleague in Europe. We can’t wait! 

The reality is: we have retired the word “retirement” in its traditional definition.

And now in round three of the pandemic, with massive upheavals in systems that no longer work and social justice issues crying for attention and resolution ~

Women are being called to lead as never before. We are finding ways, small and grand, to model and offer the universal truths we’ve known and been living for decades. Not only are we ourselves feeling called to live creativity, fully, and purposefully, but we’re being called to help others do the same.

I am hopeful about the world because of what women and feminine wisdom is bringing to the table in 2022.

So, welcome to this site. I’m so glad you’re reading this. Please take a look at the 10 Declarations about women over age 50 on the book page. Buy the book to read encouraging stories of how women are re-pathing vibrant and meaningful lives in their 50, 60s, 70s. 

And know that I’m here to support you in your own “further becoming” personally and professionally, in whatever ways I can

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