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Welcome to my work and this site!

After 30 satisfying years in Conscious Business consulting and coaching, I’m thrilled to have established this site to reflect the shift in my professional focus to women: specifically women over 50 who represent the wholly-new phase of Adulthood II or the “age of active wisdom.”

I’m also thrilled with what’s happening for women right now. Like so many, I’m aware of the call we’re hearing to redefine the years we’re in and pioneer whole new ways of living, loving, and re-purposing during a stage that used to be defined by the word retirement – along with a host of other well-worn paradigms! The world needs a new definition of this stage of life … the shift is already happening … and I believe women are leading the way.

So, welcome to this site. I’m so glad you’re here. Here you will find 10 “declarations” I discovered from 100 interviews with women between 50-70+. You’ll find information on my upcoming book about the astounding breakthroughs women are already making; stories of what vibrant and meaningful lives look like well over 50. And you’ll find ways I am here to support you if you’re in the bewildering, expectant, hopeful process of re-purposing your life after 50 at a time when we are laying down whole new tracks for ourselves and the women coming along behind us. 



Announcing Spring 2020!

A Retreat for Women Over 50
 on the Journey of Further Becoming

Ready to work on the big “What Now?” using the wisdom and intuition
that’s calling you forward? 



Chautauqua National Park 
Boulder, Colorado

APRIL 1- 5, 2020
Wed (7PM) — Sun (9pm)
Leisurely check-out Mon by 10am