Join our upcoming May Women’s Circle! (*moai)

What: A curated group of 6-8 professional women meeting monthly for intelligent sharing and insightful support.
Group A: Once/month on Fridays. 1:00-2:30pm Pacific/ 4:00-5:30pm Eastern. First meeting May 24. This group is full.  
Group B: Once/month on Thursday evenings. 

Duration: 90 minutes.
Process: Based on 15 years’ women’s group facilitation this best practice, lightly-structured Circle engages equally-timed sharing from each member around three focus areas:
* Opening reading and reflection (rotated)
* Check-ins
* Engagement around topic, including requests for feedback and experiential input
Guide: Sue Brightman, assisted by Jessica Hartung. Research about paths and promising new tracks women over 50 are pioneering  will be threaded into discussions.
Fee: $49/mo. Six month commitment.

We all need places where we’re seen and heard. We need non-competitive, non-performative, trusted friends and colleagues who can meet us where we are as women “in the arena.” Women over 50 yearn for these places.

Research shows that relationships and belonging are a #1 priority for women over 50. My interviews with 100 women bear this out. But not just any relationships. Relationships that are exothermic — enlarging and elevating us while providing loving challenge and support. 

In Japan these are called “moais.” They’re a leading contributor to long and happy lives for people living in what Daniel Buettner called Blue Zones. 

A chapter in my book A Call to Further Becoming: The New Declaration from Women Over 50 is dedicated to the importance of these relationships. They are consciously arranged and give us courage. This is why I offer Women’s Circles to women over 50 who, like me, deserve communities of belonging.

~ Sue 




“I highly recommend this Women’s Group! Sue held the space with sensitivity and deep honoring of each person. The group as a result was supportive, open, talented, and funny. The opportunity to “empty out” and listen compassionately to other women enriched me greatly.”~ Julie

“The willingness of each person to speak, share, and find words for what was often wordless was nothing less than holy. Sue is a brilliant master at what she does. Our group time-traveled with each other in a way that changed me for the better. I loved it.”
~ Ellie

 “I could not have weathered this year as VP at my company without this group. The support has been everything.”
~ Joan




Because many of us who are fifty to seventy-plus have not been witnessed as much as men in our culture, it’s powerful to experience spaces that welcome our emerging feminine insights, deep reflection, and birthing new ideas into form. Ideas that we articulate to wise listening ears have a far better chance of taking form in new behaviors and plans when incubated within the context of a supportive sisterhood.

~ from chapter “Create A Moai”





     Sue Brightman
Researcher, Author, Coach and Workshop Leader for Women Over 50
    Founder & Managing Director, Brightman Glover International Consulting

Sue Brightman is author of the #1 best-selling book A Call to Further Becoming: The New Declaration from Women Over 50. Its groundbreaking themes emerged from interviewing 100 women with a wide range of backgrounds from around the world. After 30 years as a Conscious Business consultant and leadership coach, she pivoted her work in 2016 to focus exclusively on women on their leadership journeys. Her current roles include serving as a Guide/Facilitator for executive women’s groups at Chief – the largest professional women’s leadership organization in the US; as an Executive coach using her Possibility ScenariosTM process; as a workshop designer/teacher for Further Becoming: Exploring Paths and Possibilities for A Promising Life based on the themes in her book; and as a sellout Instructor in University of Denver’s Lifelong Learning Program. In every encounter, Sue brings three streams of expertise: mastery in Conscious Business practices, a unique understanding of the role of women in today’s shifting environment, and experience as an interfaith chaplain whose volunteer efforts have brought exposure to and deepened compassion for the wide range of human conditions. Her former roles include Global OD consultant at Shell Oil, Director of Management Development at Pulitzer Newspapers, Senior Consultant at Covey Leadership Center Houston, and founder of Brightman Glover International in 2000 delivering programs across industries in the US, Canada, Germany, the UK, Hungary, Brazil, Malaysia, Singapore, and Australia. A certified spiritual intelligence (SQ21) coach through Deep Change and master trainer of Conscious Business, Sue builds on her BA in Corrections and Masters work in Human Resource Administration. Based in Boulder, Colorado, Sue has two beloved adult children and a new life partner, proving that love can be found in any decade. She welcomes virtual connecting that allows working and teaching from anywhere in the world.