I didn’t know what my 700 page of interviews notes would reveal from 100 conversations with women over 50.

I didn’t know how strong the voices would be about what we’re Done With.

I didn’t know that one thing we’re Done With would be not allowing ourselves to say what we’re done with!

Our Done With That energy coalesces around seven things. (there’s a chapter devoted to them)

One of them is being in work environments we’ve outgrown.

Where our voices are not heard.

Where our creativity and talents don’t have room to shine.

Where we can’t be big enough.

Especially post-pandemic, many of us are unwilling to reenter old ways of working and cultures we’ve outgrown.

We’ve all learned things about ourselves during the pandemic.

We’ve learned what we deeply appreciate. We’re grateful for the magic of the ordinary – small things we may have overlooked BC (before coronavirus as my friend Susan Furness calls it).

That’s a good thing.

Being a leader starts with leading our own lives with truth and courage. As Brene Brown teaches, that’s hard.

But ‘we can do hard things’ (credit Glennon Doyle).

What are you Done With that you need to claim?

Today I encourage you to name them.

My 700 pages of notes say *doing so* will clear the way for grand new things.