We’re probably *all* ready to leave a few things from 2020 in the rear view mirror. But taking a deeper look, what are you REALLY ready to let go of? What are you DONE WITH because a bigger calling has found you?

In my interviews with 100 women, one of the emerging truths (which I call declarations) from women over 50 is the rising clarity of knowing what we’re Done With.

Turns out, there are seven “Done With That” themes rising up in our lives the further into our 50s and 60s we go.

Here are two:

1. What Other People Think.
These four exact words were repeated more than any others when I asked women “What’s not important that used to be?” How much freer we become. Free from caring what other people think about our choices. About the work we want (and don’t want) to do. About where we choose to live, and who we choose to live with (and without).

2. Stuff!
This lighthearted theme came up over and over with an abundance of laughter. Collecting stuff, buying new stuff, storing stuff, dusting stuff. The material stuff of the past is not nearly as important anymore. And getting rid of stuff is also a statement about what we’re making room for.

What are you Done With that’s clearing the way for what’s calling you in 2021?