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Join me for a Fall 2021Retreat for Women Over 50
on the Journey of Further Becoming!

 Join Our Intimate Virtual Group to Explore Your “What Now?”

Especially for women over 50 who feel called to work on the next step of their lives.


Spaced over 9 days.
Minimum 4, maximum 6 women.

Exact dates in late Oct/early Nov tbd with group member input.


Women’s Further Becoming Retreat

 If you’re a woman over 50 facing the wilderness of your “what now?”

this Retreat is for you!

Explore what you’re done with.

Create new possibilities.

Tap the group’s feedback and Sue’s coaching.

 Join a tribe of like-minded women as you move into the “next now” of your life.

Artfully designed for Zoom.
Thoughtfully paced thoughtfully over 9 days.

Minimum 4, maximum 6 women.

 Next date to be shaped by waitlisted women!


Fall is about letting the old die away and “letting come” what is newly emerging.

The stir in the air at this time of year is especially reflective of the stir we often feel in our lives. 

Especially where I live in Colorado, things stop blooming, the temperature shifts, and entirely different colors emerge. I feel invited to not just forge ahead with life as usual, but to refresh the life I’m living.

The forced pause of the pandemic in 2020 introduced unexpected changes. More time with ourselves. Closer to home. The cancellation or pivoting of plans. Some women have had to change retirement timetables, others the launch of businesses. Some expected their high school graduates to be off to college and now find them still at home. Travel and gatherings, speeches to be given, books to be launched ~ all of these things have shifted.

Many of us have been liberated to think more deeply about what we want as a result of the pandemic. Who we are. Who we want to be. What the WORK is that we want to do, especially with the world’s needs. We’re thinking differently about our “one wild and precious life.” 

What better time to explore the big “what now” in a circle of conscious women who are leaning in to the same questions?

With Sue’s guidance, you will be invited to tap the inner knowing you already have. You’ll be thoughtfully guided to think about your purpose and how to shape it in service to yourself and others. You’ll be guided through Sue’s three-step process of mapping your career timeline, creating specific Possibility ScenariosTM that you’ll share with the group, and crafting your intentions to align with what you want next.

Our Retreat time will be intimate, engaging, and purposeful with a mix of:

* Group sessions led by Sue
* Reflection and planning exercises done independently
* Three times you will be at the center of the circle sharing the outcomes of your thinking

* Small group coffee chats
* Brief writing assignments
* Paired virtual walks with fellow group members
* Days off for journaling, exercise, and other worklife activities
Optional yoga sessions with a highly-acclaimed instructor.

You’ll receive a surprise package at your doorstep one week before the Retreat.

For 12 months following, we’ll meet monthly for group check-ins and support. Your Retreat tribe will be intimately familiar with the intentions you’re putting into place and can provide a listening ear, feedback, and cheering. And I’ll be there to coach the group.


 Join us to explore your “what now?” and compose your next steps!

It’s a perfect time: mid-pandemic when women’s leadership is being called forth
and tribes of sisterhood are needed for strength and sustenance.




You’ll have a renewed sense of purpose, a tribe of like-minded women to which you belong for the year ahead, and a plan to serve as your touchstone going forward.




Sue Brightman, Founder, For Women on the Journey of Their Lives

Looking back on 30 years of conscious business consulting, I’m humbled to have fallen in love with clients all over the globe. But even more important is the clarity I’ve gained since 2015. My calling has always been about listening to the lives other others and helping them create new possibilities. For three decades now, I’ve listened and “possibilitized” as a leadership development facilitator, teacher and coach.

My career path began taking a different turn at 55 as more women my age seemed to be looking for new inspiration and direction and coming to me for coaching during this transition. At a retreat I attended ten years ago, I caught a clear glimpse of what Love might lead me to create in the future. At that retreat as I did the exercises alongside all the women in attendance, I realized that this was what I most wanted someday: to host retreats and help midwife women into their own discoveries about what they truly want. Fast forward to when my work began a natural shift to working with women over 50. Having worked through my own passage from a successful career to something new and deeply fulfilling, I’ve loved witnessing the changes and breakthroughs many other women are making as they discover all that is possible in Adulthood II.  

launched research to interview 100 women between 50-70+ in 2016. From it, I’ve discovered 9 wise and wonderful principles about navigating life at this stage. My quest is to bring their voices into the world in a book filled with their words and insights — a blueprint for all of us as we “continue becoming” and following our highest callings.

I’m thrilled to rededicate my lifework to supporting you and courageous women everywhere who want to chart purposeful and fulfilling paths well beyond their 50s. I hope something on this page inspires you to join me and our Retreat tribe in the early springtime of Colorado to discover what you want for your life ahead. I am deeply privileged to be doing this with work you and creating a welcoming space and sturdy space where you can reflect, reorient, and re-purpose your life. Grand possibilities await you here.

Encouragement from Sue

I asked my photographer to take this picture near the rapids of the Colorado wilderness at the Retreat site where I loved hosting in-person Retreats before the pandemic.

Author William Bridges calls the territory between “what has been” and “what’s to be” the wilderness. For many of us, the Wilderness of a life transition can feel unsettling and disorienting, but it holds tremendous wisdom and gifts when we’re willing to slow down, listen, and consciously plan the path ahead. It also helps to have a guide!

Human nature often causes us to make an “end run” around the Wilderness period, but the cost of doing that can be high. This Retreat celebrates the transition we, as women over 50, are traversing in our individual lives — which is also a time of evolutionary change for the role of women in the world. It is a privilege for me to help women safely explore this transition period — using all I’ve learned and applied through decades of coaching and leadership development, but even moreso from my research about women over 50. The 100 interviews I metabolized and share in my book A Call to Further Becoming are a bedrock of wisdom I’ve embodied, and want to use for your benefit and life. 

I encourage you to give yourself this Retreat time to identify what you’re done with and to let come the new beginning, whatever you want it to be. You are needed — to be who you uniquely are, and do what is uniquely yours to do.

What’s Included


  • 1:1 Pre-Retreat call with Sue to review your Retreat goals.

  • Introduction to the Retreat Tribe Zoom meet-up one month before start.

  • Welcome gifts arrive to your door!

  • Guidance in setting up your Zoom for comfort and ease.

  • Blend of :

    Group sessions spread into manageable timeframes.

    Career Timeline map which you’ll share with the group.

    Solo activities and journaling.

    “Paired walks” with fellow Retreat attendees.

    Small group “kitchen chats” as desired throughout Retreat.

    Guided writing assignments.

    Scenario Possibilities TM exercise guide for sharing with group and receiving coached feedback.

    Optional yin yoga session mid-Retreat.

    Intention/Plans guide from which you’ll create your go-forward commitments and  present to the group.

    Circle-up to discuss how you want to support one another in the year ahead.

    Closing celebration!

  • One year of monthly Retreat tribe check-ins for support, encouragement, accountability.

  • Sue’s group and individual coaching throughout the Retreat.

  • Access to Sue’s research from interviews with 100 women.

  • Free copy of book A Call to Further Becoming: The New Declaration from Women Over 50.

  • Deep connection with a new tribe of women.

What’s NOT Included

  • You will need a computer with stable access to Wifi for each session.
  • Your computer should have a built-in mic (most do!) and a built-in camera (most do!) or you will need an auxiliary headset and/or external camera. These are easy to find and use.
  • You will need cellphone or landline connection during the Retreat to join paired walks with other Retreat members. Your availability to connect at planned times with your walking partners is an important part of the group’s relationship-building and reciprocal support.

Why give yourself the gift of this Women’s Further Becoming Retreat?

Because no one can caretake your life and your future better than you.

Because no one can hear your inner voice more clearly than you.

Because no one knows what you are done with more profoundly than you.

And because no one can hear the deserving celebration of the life you’ve lived so far, the call of this moment, and the need for sisterhood for the road ahead the way you do, right now.

Join us.


“The retreat provided a wonderfully safe process to guide me to some inner thoughts that I actually suppressed under the weight of my working life. I’m involved in whole new work endeavors now, with new partners  and a fabulous chamber choir that’s the caliber I find immensely fulfilling! I am deeply indebted to you for supporting me through the journey to this place.

— Fiona Henderson, Hanya Partners, United Kingdom