Support for Individuals

Working with me as your Purpose and Transition Coach

* Are you a woman over age 50 approaching the big question “what now?”

* Is something calling you – maybe in whispers, maybe in a loud voice to experiment with a whole new path as you conclude the one you’ve been on?

* Would you benefit from having a thinking partner to help you explore next steps and navigate the transition?

* Are you ready to harvest where you’ve been, what you’ve done, what you’re ready to let go of, and to refresh your sense of purpose?



If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may find Purpose and Transition coaching both clarifying and supportive.  

Feeling the deep shift of life’s tectonic plates is a good sign.  While such transitions are not always easy, they are full of promise for reshaping something new and progressive.


And there are tools of wisdom available to help you
find your way.


My role as a Purpose and Transition Coach is to help you identify immediate and long-term wants, develop your own intuitive timing about next steps, craft a Personal Manifesta to use as your compass, and develop a plan that attracts (rather than pushes) you forward.

“You have an amazing gift of being a catalyst in the life review interview. I said things to you that brought me new joy in the work that I’m doing right now. You are gifted in allowing a person to open up and share their story. Thank you for your warmth and being an amazing catalyst of reflection so I could discover what I want next and begin walking that way.”

  ~ F. B.


I am blown away by what this process did for me. It became clear what I want my path to be — and also what I don’t want anymore. The sessions were deceptively simple … how you brought me into it was perfect. I can see a way forward now. It’s lit up. I’m so inspired.
~ MJ


In all honesty, I felt like canceling the interview session as reviewing my life brought up some difficult feelings and even some shame. However, you made the process like redemption. I appreciate the elegance with which you conducted it and am so very grateful I did it for all the possibilities it has opened.”
~ C.A.

My coaching process is customized to you and can include:

Career/ Life Timeline Interview: Prelude to Composing Your Further Purpose (75 minutes)
Similar to the 100 interviews conducted for the Manifesta of Active Wisdom, we meet by phone to trace your career path, highlights and lowlights, major transitions. The interview brings to light what you’re done with, important through-lines in your story that are markers of your unique being, what brings you joy, new priorities beginning to emerge, and the gifts and unconscious competence you have gained in your life so far. An important prelude to considering the next chapter of your life, this interview is a gift to give yourself — telling your story and having it heard.
Feedback from the Interview: Celebration and Groundwork for Next Chapter (90 minutes)
I provide feedback and observations from the interview session. Together we identify patterns that shine forth in your story. Using William Bridges’ work on change and transition and the 9 principles in the Manifesta of Active Wisdom, we chart specific areas of exploration for living, loving, working anew and how you can begin to manifest them.
Crafting Your Manifesta: (60 minutes)
You draft and edify a powerfully-simple Personal Manifesta with my help. This is your compass and touchstone. I send you a  beautiful depiction of it on an artistic background of your choice.
Putting Your Manifesta into Motion (2-3 sessions. 60 minutes)
We plan the arc of your path for the next 6-12 months or whatever period of time you want to focus upon. These 2-3 sessions support your next steps and give you a jump-start. You choose the spacing of the meetings.
Check-in support: (6-12 months)
We pre-schedule one session per month to help you remember your vision, keep moving toward it, tweak your Manifesta, navigate barriers, and identify important learnings along the way. I provide you encouragement and observations as your Purpose Partner. Note: Group support can augment this part of the process. (See Groups and Retreats)

We all have a unique purpose. I’m here to help you identify yours.