Fall 2020 Virtual Women’s Retreat



All-inclusive Women’s Retreat for up to 10 women using Zoom technology augmented by phone chats, small group virtual gatherings, mailed surprises to support the Retreat journey, and group exercises spread led by Sue. Focus on your “further becoming” including:

  • 1:1 preparation call with Sue to discuss your Retreat intentions
  • Group introduction call one month before Retreat begins
  • Gathering 1: Connecting, building trust and group norms, setting intentions
  • Gathering 2: Sue’s invocation and lead-in to Retreat days. Set up for Timeline Review.
  • Solo activity: Draw and notate your timeline!
  • Gathering 3: Group session. Each woman has time in the supported center. Sharing of timeline; group feedback; Sue’s guidance.
  • “Paired walk” with fellow Retreat member
  • Solo journaling exercise
  • Gathering 4: Check-in; set up for Possibility Scenarios
  • Solo meditation
  • Gathering 5: Invitation to set stage for your Possibility Scenarios; solo work while on Zoom together; review of responses in group
  • Solo work: Your Possibility Scenarios: envisioning, capturing
  • Gathering 6: Each woman has guided time in the center of circle to review her Possibility Scenarios. Sue’s guidance and coaching; group feedback. (Live artist present to capture essence of each woman’s visions/wishes)
  • Solo reflection: 7 minute writing
  • Gathering 8: Check in connection. Artwork shared. Overview of planning step by Sue.
  • Solo time. Small group “chat” with other Retreat members.
  • Paired walk.
  • Gathering 9: Headline share of your manifesta, plan, or intentions going forward. Request of group on how you’d like support.
  • Solo reflection
  • Celebration Gathering 10!
  • 12 months of monthly check-in calls with Retreat tribe.