A Call to Further Becoming: For women over 50 poised to create the lives they want using 10 promising Declarations from Sue's book (FULL! Pls check for new dates!)


An interactive five-part Zoom workshop ~ beginning Jan 2021!

Sue Brightman
Author, A Call to Further Becoming: The New Declaration from Women Over 50 

Come engage in lively discussions, share and hear other women’s experiences, and apply the ten inspiring themes in Sue’s book to your work, creative pursuits, relationships, and more.


Tap into what you really want ~ and identify what you’re done with. Through the wonders of Zoom you’ll break into small group discussions and be given practices to enact between sessions. You’ll also emerge with a new tribe of women to which you belong.

Five 2-hour interactive sessions on user-friendly Zoom

Fridays: Jan 8, 15, 22, 29 & Feb 5

9-11am PST (US)

10-12noon MST (US)

11-1pm CST (US)

12-2pm EST (US)

5-7pm GMT

6-8pm CET


Workshop description


This interactive series is centered around the 10 promising themes that emerged from Sue’s interviews with 100 women in their 50s, 60s, and 70s. The themes, or “declarations,” blast the old narrative out of the water about disengagement, decline, and disappearing at a time formerly relegated to retirement planning.

In reality, the new blueprint for women is of exciting new expressions of work, the wonderful freedom of experimentation, bursts of personal creativity, and fulfillment of what’s been unfulfilled thus far.  We’re not only redefining what we’re doing (new business endeavors, “first time” pursuits) but also ways of being including the pursuit of spiritual growth, deeper friendships, and seeking out natural and cultural beauty.

We will engage in each session around these themes and you will explore how you’re experiencing them in your own life ~ and what you might want more of

Each session includes:


  • Sue’s presentation of key findings and examples from 100 women’s interviews
  • Small group discussions:  how are you experiencing these in your own life?
  • Exercises that invite you to compose more of what you want: in relationships, work, the environment within and around you
  • Large group sharing: challenges we face, what gets in the way, and how to overcome them
  • Practices to enact at home
  • Recordings of each session

Outline of Sessions

Session 1 – Jan 8: The Promising Big Picture

* Demographic realities of women over 50: a new stage of life cultural anthropologists call “the age of active wisdom.” 
* What does it mean for us as we step into undefined territory and pioneering the way forward?

* The universal wilderness of identity and purpose issues ~ and why we have them
* 10 new themes (and the old paradigms they’re replacing!)
* 7 things women over 50 are Done With!
* Small group breakouts: What are you Done With? Where do you see yourself in the 10 themes?  

Session 2 – Jan 15: The Big “What Now?” (Work, Purpose)

* Major transition question at career-completion crossroads: what now?
* Common dilemmas and concerns (and what does “retirement” mean, anyway?)
* New models of continued/reshaped work

* 3 main ways the big “what now?” is being answered
* Tools for the exploration: experimentation, curiosity, attraction
* A time for “firsts”
* Small group breakout discussion 

Session 3 – Jan 22: “Inner Ways of Being” (Emotional and Spiritual)

* The role of solitude/quiet time for women over 50 
* Practices women are enacting to expand satisfaction, joy, and continued learning
* How pursuits of spirituality, beauty, & nature are becoming primary
* What do art and music and gardening and writing have to do with it? Everything! 

* Small group breakouts: where are you finding the nourishment of solitude and connecting with something larger? considering these topics, what do you want to experience more of?

Session 4 – Jan 29: “Inner Ways of Being” Part 2 (Social/ Relationships)

* Relationship characteristics we’re Done With
* Endothermic vs exothermic relationships
* Blue Zones of the world and what they tell us
* Creating life-sustaining relationships: it’s never too late
* Sisterhoods and moais
Small group breakout: Are most of your relationships endothermic or exothermic? Where can you create deeper relationships in your life?

Session 5 – Feb 5: “Outer Ways of Being” (Physical)

* Tending to the physical “vessel”: old myths, new norms  
* Top 3 top self-care practices from 100 women
* Healthy eating, sleeping, exercise, and more
* Small group breakout: What are your own practices that support you being and doing what you want at this stage of your career/life?
* Closing round robin and Celebration: What stands out most to you from this gathering over four weeks?

“I so loved this class. It’s been transformational for me. I’ve always dismissed the new things I’m doing but I realize they’re important and they’re significant — I’m part of a big collective. You helped me see that over 60 is actually a new beginning.”

 ~ Mary, Jan 2020 



     Sue Brightman
Researcher, Author, Coach and Retreat Leader for Women Over 50
    Founder & Managing Director, Brightman Glover International Consulting


Sue Brightman is author of the upcoming book A Call to Further Becoming: The New Declarations from Women Over 50. Its groundbreaking themes emerged from Sue’s three years’ research interviewing 100 women with a wide range of backgrounds from around the world. Along with publishing an upcoming book that unveils ten new declarations women are living in their 50s, 60s, 70s, Sue offers executive and life coaching, Conscious Business courses and certification, and Further Becoming Retreats focused on helping women over 50 create the joyous, fulfilling lives they want. For 30 years Sue served as an organizational development consultant and leadership coach to some of the world’s largest organizations, specializing in the principles and practices of Conscious Business. As a partner to Shell Oil, General Motors, Huffington Post, and numerous healthcare, high tech, and higher education institutions, Sue also filled roles as Director of Management Development at Pulitzer Newspapers and Senior Consultant at Covey Leadership Center Houston. A certified spiritual intelligence (SQ21) coach through Deep Change, master trainer of Conscious Business, University of Denver instructor and frequent speaker on the new norms women over 50 are pioneering, Sue builds on her BA in Corrections and Masters work in Human Resource Administration through continued pursuit of leading-edge learning in leadership, business, and spiritual/whole person development. 



“I immediately recognized myself in the 10 themes. I have so much more I want to do, and my priorities are different now. This made me feel like I’m part of a tribe.”  

~ Leah,  January 2020 

Join us!