Individual Incubator®

incubator eggCoaching on steroids! – the highest level of contact and personal planning. I love engaging with clients in Incubator relationships because of the intensity and regularity of contact. The Incubator is for people who are committed to accelerating a significant shift in a short time, personal or professional, and are serious about working on it intensively for six months. It starts with one  full day of personal work – “personal  strategic planning”  in my office in Boulder. We map out where you’ve been, what you want, and how to get there. The output is a clear vision and a 6-month plan for reaching it, with 6 months of weekly check-ins and monthly in-depth coaching sessions to support you and help your accountability to yourself.  Brochure and fees here: Individual Incubator_Personal Program to Create Your Desired Future 2016


Business Incubator®

This same 6-month process for businesses who want a thorough and rapidly-clarifying strategic plan including key long-term and short-term actions, and work-life aims of the leader(s). One intensive day is committed to visioning and crafting a 6-month plan. Documented with a timetable, the process includes 6 months of follow-up weekly check-ins and monthly coaching sessions to offer support and accountability, and to keep the plan on track.

Call for a free consultation on how either Incubator program fits your needs.