Corporate Workshops for Leaders

   We offer Conscious Business programs and Virtual Facilitation training/hosting.

Conscious Business Programs and Certifications

Click above to find out how we can help you deliver Conscious Business personal mastery and culture change programs to your organization. Sue Brightman is one of Fred Kofman’s longest-standing master trainers and endorsed by him as a “wise and compassionate teacher” of the practices found in his seminal book Conscious Business: Building Value from Values.

Our Conscious Business clients include:

Shell Oil

Huffington Post

Genesys Healthcare

Incotec Netherlands

London Business School Coaches

Rocky Mountain Health Plans

Hanya Partners Consultancy UK

Royal College of Midwives

​”Sue has been teaching Conscious Business all over the world, and every one of her clients has been absolutely delighted. She is an exceptional coach and consultant. I am very proud to have her as my colleague in this effort to bring wisdom and compassion to the business world.”

  ~ Fred Kofman, author Conscious Business; VP Leadership Development at LinkedIn


“Thank you for your efforts with the training division Conference you designed! I’m so pleased seeing the new tools and techniques implemented. Your coaching has been spot-on. Thank you for all the work and committed follow-through; it’s been a pleasure for all of us to have worked with you.”

~ Margaret Cirella, Corporate Vice President, New York Life Insurance Company


“The workshops you conducted were received extremely well by our team in Germany and the US. If we put into practice even 2% of the tools you taught, we will be much more effective.”

~ Yan Song, PhD, Abbott Laboratories, Global Pharmaceuticals R&D IT


“Sue managed a leadership program for a 4,500 person division. I learned immediately that she was a true expert in her field. With every interaction with our senior executives and training team she was able to communicate respectfully, graciously and objectively, no matter how tough the conversation. She is a a master in her field, and any company that engages Sue will benefit enormously from her exceptional skill.”

~Margaret Brown, Director MB Consulting, UK/EU


“I cannot begin to tell you the step-wise change you’ve helped us make as a result of your teaching and coaching. The difference in our team communication is remarkable.  Every session you did was the highest quality possible. I am so, so grateful.”

~Cindy Miller, General Manager, Business Applications Management, Shell Oil Company

Virtual Facilitation Training and Hosting


During this time of the Coronavirus pandemic we are sensitive to the need of leaders and coaches to provide robust and sensitive capabilities in the virtual environment. You are likely already aware of these two things:

  • There are a myriad of skills needed to design and technically facilitate high quality on-line meetings, workshops, and webinars.
  • There are also skillful hosting requirements that help build connection and engagement between people so they feel eased and safe — important for learning, contributing, and listening to business information.


We have great empathy for team leaders and trainers affected by this difficult economic environment.   We’d love to help you keep your business operating successfully by continuing your team’s collaboration and/or your business offerings in virtual formats.

We’re extending special offerings during the Coronavirus pandemic of our Virtual Facilitation and Technical Hosting support and training. Over the last 20 years, we have learned the interplay between technical hosting and elegant delivery that aligns to a team leader or teacher’s goals. Very different from the face-to-face world, virtual meetings and workshops need specialized attention — and can be used with elegance and skill. 



We customize everything we do, from a simple one-hour consultation to helping with the design and hosting of  more complex gatherings.  

Our services beginning with a FREE 40 minute consultation to review your meeting/training event (10 min) and share our recommendations (20 min):

  • Virtual meeting design/review to ensure your content works well on-line, including best practice guidance on Virtual Facilitation.
  • Technical Hosting Training to give you confidence with virtual platforms. Includes skillful use of video to enhance participant experience, using PowerPoint presentations for effective virtual sharing, organizing and managing breakout groups.
  • Hosting your meetings to allow you to let go of the details and take center stage!


Over the years we have hosted nearly 100 virtual workshops with breakout groups serving teams in 40 countries. Our “Best Practices for Virtual Facilitation” model featuring our highly-acclaimed Shell Oil Company global rollout of virtual workshops was featured at the Pegasus Systems Thinking in Action Conference. Our virtual facilitation clients include:

New York Life Insurance Training Division
Abbott Pharmaceuticals
Huffington Post
Shell Oil Company
Ernst & Young
King’s Consultancy
Royal College of Midwives

Many independent coaches and consultants