I love working with people who are seeking clarity or change. Your change might involve wanting to accelerate a career or lifestyle shift. Or it might be the desire for new tools in order to be more effective as a leader. Some people seek coaching to get out of the fog of a dilemma or a blocked relationship.

The only prerequisite for coaching is a strong desire to move toward something new OR significant dissatisfaction with the way things are. Both provide great energy for change!  I work with senior executives, individual contributors, solopreneurs, emerging women, and women over 50 in the “age of active wisdom.”

I offer free 25 minute exploration calls if you’re considering coaching for any aspect of your life.  Finding the right coach whose approach and style fits your needs is the first step on the path forward.  I’d love to talk with you about mine. 

Customized Professional Development

Customized for the particular skills you want to develop, this extremely focused coaching process is for leaders at all levels who want to develop stronger communication skills, more confident presence, and greater leadership effectiveness overall. Includes collecting feedback from your network to design highly focused outcomes.


3 Month Coaching Package

We identify your goals. We identify the path. You get my support and accountability-challenge over a three month period in whatever you want to slice/dice six intense coaching sessions. Unlimited asynchronous communication between sessions.

6 month Coaching Package.

Six months of support, encouragement, practice, and accountability. Begins with  colecting feedback from significant others in your work/life along with self-assessments. Develop an optional Dynamic Manifesta© with guided support. Schedule twelve intensive sessions whenever you need them during the six months. Receive unlimited asynchronous check-ins and 1-2 observations.


Individual Incubator

My flagship program individualized to each client’s needs, this 6-month intensive accelerates your progress – without fail. It begins with a one-day in-person session focused on exploring your desired path forward. Outputs include a personal plan, a timetable, my accountability partnership for you, and strong support through weekly check-ins and monthly coaching boosts.
Business Incubator also available for business owners and CEOs.
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