Fall 2019 Women’s Purpose Retreat!


 Join Our Group to Explore the Big “What Now?”

For women who are poised to work on the next step of their Purpose using intuition, intelligent reflection, and facilitated planning. 


 September 22-26, 2019
Gorgeous Chautauqua National Park
Boulder, Colorado 

If you’re a woman over 50 who’s been successful giving it all and are ready to consider a change — starting something new, composing a period of time for experimenting with a passion or pursuing spiritual study, or continuing what you’re doing with renewed inspiration and energy  — this Retreat is for you!

Come explore what you’re done with.

Create new scenarios of possibility.

Tap the group’s feedback and support.


And get luscious time in Colorado’s golden aspens to feed your soul.

Fall has a way of stirring newness. A sense of possibilities. Liveliness in the air and a burst of color in the Colorado landscape. The aspen trees stand tall and strong, as we do. And at the same time, they’re connected deeply at the roots. They grow in community, as do we — feeding from the same source of life and better able to weather strong winds because of it.

What better place to take stock of your ”wild and precious life” and invest in exploring what’s calling you next than with a backdrop of the gorgeous Colorado Rockies?

We’ll have it all: wooded mountain paths to walk, a comfortable cabin to accommodate our women’s circle each day, just the right rustic touch of Chatauqua’s world-famous campus, and breathtaking views of the Colorado flatirons from our meeting space.

Most of all, you will be surrounded by an amazing group of women who have stepped up to the plate to actively consider the next phase of their calling. 

Our days will be filled with reflection exercises, purposeful activities to guide your visioning and scenario-building, and opportunities for guided conversation and feedback from the group. We’ll take time in the literal and figurative wilderness for you to welcome your intuition and inner knowing about what lies ahead to benefit your life. And all this wrapped in an autumn wonderland of Colorado’s stunning yellow, red, and gold trees! Amid our focused work will be scrumptious food on the veranda of the rustic dining hall. You’ll get inspiration from like-minded women pioneers, and expert support from two Retreat leaders whose backgrounds are steeped in the terrain of personal transition. Invigorating trail hikes through the breathtaking natural landscape, and solo time to journal or create art are threaded throughout our days.

Fall is a perfect time to address the crossroads of your life — from where you’ve been to where you want it to go.

As Retreat leaders, we will encourage you to celebrate your lifework so far, identify the unique gifts that are yours to enact, and explore the big “what now?” question about the next phase of your adventure. 

Join us. Savor rare, unrushed time to lay down new tracks for what’s beckoning you forward. You and women everywhere deserve such, for your self and your life. 

Do you long to connect with other women who are contemplating deep questions about this stage of life and eager to break the mold and create new possibilities?

On this retreat, you’ll share and learn from other women— outstanding contributors from many walks of life who have played a role in our evolving world and feel the call to courage and change. Those who attend are in some way recognizing how needed we are to live fully and represent new models of leadership and love.

Would you benefit from expert guidance and support as you anticipate, move through, or begin planning a significant career or life transition?

We provide a structured and supportive container for you and the group to explore this exciting time of change and renewal. We help each woman identify the  endings she may be ready to declare, and explore new possibilities without pushing them into creation. We love using best practices for this careful process! – balancing support and encouragement with feedback and challenge.

Do you welcome the idea of having space to reflect, unhurried by the usual demands of the day? Is it rare for you to take totally undistracted time to work on YOU and YOUR LiFE? 

You’ll have 4 days of all the support, quiet reflection, comfort, and conversation you’ll need at Chautauqua. With open blue skies, spacious surroundings, nutritious meals and vigorous outdoor exercise, we’ll provide the perfect environment for you to slow down, refuel, and discover your vibrant, authentic self and the life you’re being called to lead next.



* Experience three unforgettable days in the stunning Rocky Mountains with a courageous, inspiring group of wise & wonderful women.

* Trace the career/life-line you’ve had to date, identifying 6 key characteristics that will help you create the next desired phase of your life and avoid pitfalls, false patterns, and naysayers.

* Create several “scenarios of possibility” you’re called to explore in your visioning that are uniquely reflective of you. 

* Share and receive insights and feedback from our Retreat circle of women that mirror back: 

      – Glimpses of your unique self (what we see and hear in you as your own inner wisdom)

      – What it sounds like you must have going forward to be truly satisfied in the next phase of your life.

* Take home a specific plan you’ve composed that will help you enact the next steps toward your #1 desired scenario. This is as specific or general as you want! It may include initial steps to start something new, a list of things to explore and how you will do so, specific steps and timetables related to changes.  a visual creation you composed to give you inspiration and encouragement during this “age of active wisdom” we’re living that is yours to seize, celebrate and live in the year ahead.

* Be invited to join a monthly follow-up support group to help keep you motivated and on-track over the next 12 months.


you will return home inspired, refreshed and energized 

lightened by letting go of what you don’t want anymore, clear about what you do want, and uplifted by the support of our circle of women for the vision you created for the next step of your magnificent journey.


The attractive university town of Boulder, Colorado provides the gorgeous aspen-filled mountain backdrop for our inner explorations. On arrival, you’ll quickly see why it’s been dubbed one of the most livable cities in the U.S. Locals have a mad crush on the outdoors, healthy lifestyles abound, and adventure is available at every turn.

Rushing through town is pristine Boulder Creek and myriad hiking trails lead into the foothills in almost every direction. For more local adventure, you can explore the city itself, including downtown’s charming Pearl Street Mall, where you’ll find a wide variety of great shops, eateries and brew pubs.

The rustically elegant hub for our retreat is the world-famous Chautauqua Institute Historic Landmark Park, the gateway to Boulder’s magnificent slab of open space adjoining the iconic Flatirons. Here, you get stunning mountain views and starry skies, wide-open spaces and charming updated cabins and meeting facilities.

Best of all, we have a large homey and luxurious cabin all to ourselves for our daytime sessions, and equally-charming sleeping cabins on the surrounding streets with views of the Rockies. Our Retreat space includes spacious living room, a large group dining room, comfy couches, a stocked private kitchen, and cozy nap room with a view of the flatirons and the world-famous open space meadow with Boulder’s favorite trails. Further spoiled with our own large screened-in porch sporting comfortable furniture and eating space, a side private picnic deck, and private areas for phone calls or quiet journaling.  

Just out the cabin’s front door are Chautauqua’s grounds and many renovated, rustic cabins — among them, cabins and rooms available to Retreat participants — plus acres of woods and open grounds. And out the back door we can access hiking trails that lead up to the famous Flatirons whenever the group spirit moves.


For one of our meals, we’ll venture into town to enjoy one of Boulder’s delightful eateries. For others, we’ll eat together in Chautauqua’s historic dining hall, a Boulder tradition since 1898.

In the latter you can choose from delicious, savory meals prepared by one of Boulder’s best-loved chefs. There are spectacular views from the dining hall’s wraparound porch which we’ll enjoy while feasting on fresh, Colorado bistro cuisine. Run by Three Leaf Farms in Lafayette, Colorado, the dining hall uses local and organic ingredients, with vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options available.

We provide you with a continental breakfast each day, including an assortment of proteins, yogurt, granola, hard-boiled eggs, fruit, muffins, coffee and tea. Healthy snacks and beverages will also be available during all meeting times.

Our dinners in the dining hall are off-the-menu. You’ll find just about anything you can imagine on the menu: savory winter soups, salads, burgers, sandwiches and several-course meals.

Chicken Broccolini Salad with pickled beets and onions, anyone? How about a Bistro Bison Burger seasoned with creamy brie and caramelized onions? Or maybe a savory plate of Vegetarian Scallops, with king trumpet mushrooms, risotto and lemon brown butter?

The dining hall also has a full bar with local beers and great wines to complement your meal.


Our Retreat will begin before you board the plane. First, you’ll have a private phone meeting with Sue to clarify what you most want to glean from your time in Boulder. Then, during a second call, you’ll get a chance to meet the rest of our Retreat group for a brief round of introductions.
Day 1: Check-in, Group Dinner & What’s Ahead
The first night, after we get settled, we’ll meet for a group dinner at the Chautauqua Dining Hall. There, we’ll each have a chance to say a little about ourselves and what inspired this adventure. After a toast to the courage and commitment that brought us each to this exciting crossroads, we’ll get oriented to the Chautauqua grounds and our lovely accommodations.
Day 2: Intention, Gratitude & Looking Back
After an optional continental breakfast, we’ll begin the day by focusing on our highest aims and telling our stories. During this time, you’ll not only get a chance to talk about your own life, but also let your insights settle in with some gentle yoga and reflection on what it means to be a lifelong learner.

After lunch, we’ll take a walk through childhood, to remember and honor the uniqueness of our true selves that was evident early on; the best that continues to live inside us and who we may yearn to express more freely in our lives. We’ll also begin the illuminating process of visually honoring our life’s major events through storyboarding, as well as some gentle but powerful letting of what we no longer need.

Later in the afternoon, we’ll take to the woods in pairs for an enjoyable walk and talk, followed by a return to the retreat cabin for more storyboarding. Then, after a some illuminating mirror work, you’ll have free time to journal, walk, chat, nap or whatever suits your fancy, followed by a group dinner in the dining hall.

Day 3: Deepening Insight & Delight
We’ll begin our third day with a powerful exercise in gratitude, as well as as stretching both our bodies and minds with more yoga and life exploration.

Today, you’ll get a chance to map themajor milestones of your career, displaying them so you can clearly identify the forces and events that have brought you to where you are now. You’ll also clearly identify what you’re done with and begin getting intuitiveglimpses of what you really want.

After lunch, we’ll meet for an energetic and uplifting guided hike (level of exertion your choice) that will help you assimilate the first two days, work out any kinks and move on. Post hike, you’ll have an optional foot massage (ahh, such pampering!), followed by a congenial dinner and an evening on the town.

Day 4: Bringing It All Together
Today, after breakfast and gentle yoga, we’ll take a closer look at predictable stages of transition and do some conscious honoring of what’s ending in our lives. Then we’ll take it to the wilderness, with an outdoor ritual to celebrate our “Done-Withs.” This day, it’s all about “out with the old and in with the new,” as we discuss how to use our  own spiritual awareness to catch early glimpses of what may be unfolding already as a desirable, deeply-satisfying path ahead, uniquely suited to you.

After lunch, you’ll take a solo hike into the Flatirons to solidify your new direction, followed by quiet storyboarding or collage work. There will be plenty of group sharing, plus practice tips and expectations  about what’s next, and how to get the support you need to make your life purpose (and new year) just what you want it to be. There’s every reason to expect this Retreat work to come to full fruition!

After a closing ritual, we’ll have a final celebration dinner in the dining hall, topped off with a toast to the life and legacy of each amazing woman on our retreat journey, including you.


Sue Brightman, Founder, For Women on the Journey of Their Lives

Looking back on 30 years of conscious business consulting, I’m humbled to have fallen in love with clients all over the globe. But even more important is the clarity I’ve gained since 2015. My calling has always been about listening to the lives other others and helping them create new possibilities. For three decades now, I’ve listened and “possibilitized” as a leadership development facilitator, teacher and coach.

My career path began taking a different turn at 55 as more women my age seemed to be looking for new inspiration and direction and coming to me for coaching during this transition. At a retreat I attended ten years ago, I caught a clear glimpse of what Love might lead me to create in the future. At that retreat as I did the exercises alongside all the women in attendance, I realized that this was what I most wanted someday: to host retreats and help midwife women into their own discoveries about what they truly want. Fast forward to when my work began a natural shift to working with women over 50. Having worked through my own passage from a successful career to something new and deeply fulfilling, I have love witnessing the changes and stunning breakthroughs many women pioneers are making as they discovered all that is possible in Adulthood II.  Not surprisingly, it’s through a very non-linear process, one I would call distinctly feminine.

launched research to interview 100 women between 50-70+ in 2016. From it, I’ve discovered 9 wise and wonderful principles about navigating life at this stage. My quest is to bring their voices into the world in a book filled with their words and insights — a blueprint for all of us as we continue becoming our unique selves.

I’m thrilled to rededicate my lifework to supporting you and courageous women everywhere who want to chart purposeful and fulfilling paths in their 50s and beyond. I hope something on this page inspires you to join us in Colorado to discover what you want for the year ahead – and beyond. There’s nothing I would enjoy more than sitting with you and the group that’s forming by a crackling Colorado fire as Mary Beth and I create a warm, welcoming space where you can reflect, reorient, and repurpose your life journey.

Mary Beth McEuen, Founder & Partner, Innergy

Mary Beth McEuen invested adulthood I to a corporate career focused on creating life-giving organizations where learning & growth are embedded into the fabric of the culture and business practices. The question laid on her heart at the age of 28 was, “What would business look like if God designed it?” It was a beautiful question that fueled Mary Beth to pursue a Master’s degree in Organizational Leadership and to dive deep into an understanding of human motivation and growth over the span of lifetimes. Mary Beth is changing things up for adulthood II. She left her 27-year corporate career and took a much-needed sabbatical to restore her health and shed the layers of identity that eventually became burdens when held too closely.

During the sabbatical, Mary Beth had the privilege of attending and completing the Living School hosted and lead by Richard Rohr with the Center for Action and Contemplation to support her big transition into Adulthood II. Growing into Adulthood II is not for the weak-of-heart. Many people simply never do it. But for those who feel the call to growth, we simply find that we cannot navigate the transition alone. We need others to be our growth partners along this path. Mary Beth is devoting Adulthood II to supporting leaders and the mission and organizations they serve make the transition into healthy Adulthood II. Mary Beth has led and facilitated online and retreat experiences focused on developing as a leader in service to purposes and values that first stir in our heart and then take shape through our creative efforts.

Encouragement from Sue

Author William Bridges calls the territory between “what has been” and “what’s to be” the wilderness. For many of us, the wilderness of a life transition can feel unsettling and disorienting, but it holds tremendous wisdom and gifts when we’re willing to slow down, listen and consciously plan the path ahead. It also helps to have a guide!

Human nature often causes us to make an “end run” around the Wilderness period, but the cost of doing that can be high. This retreat celebrates the transition we, as women over 50, are traversing in our individual lives — which is also a time of evolutionary change for the role of women in the world. What better place than the wilderness of Colorado to safely explore this transition period — complete with camaraderie, tools, expert guidance and a map!

I encourage you to give yourself this time to let go of what’s coming to an end and let come the new beginning, whatever you may want it to be for the stretch of road ahead. How needed we all are to be who we uniquely are and do what is uniquely ours to do!

What’s Included

  • One-on-one pre-retreat call with Sue to review your aims.
  • Group pre-retreat call for warm pre-introductions.
  • Arrival and welcome dinner at the famous Chautauqua Dining Hall.
  • Personal Retreat workbooks.
  • Facilitated group exercises to support the Retreat theme of reflecting, building scenarios of possibility, and planning the way forward. 
  • 4 days of group sharing, scenario-building, planning forward, solo, and group time.
  • Plenty of outdoor exercise and fresh air!
  • Practices to take home, including input from an expert special guest from Boulder (details to come!) 
  • Your own Personal Manifesta and Roadmap to take home.
  • Daily continental breakfasts. 
  • Healthy snacks and beverages during all meeting times.
  • Lodging in one of two charming cabins complete with a full kitchen, living area, and quilt-covered comfy beds. Private or shared rooms available.
  • Monthly group support check-in calls for 1 year!

What’s NOT Included

  • Roundtrip transportation from your home to Denver (DIA = closest airport)
  • Transportation between airport and Chautauqua  (regular SuperShuttle and bus services from airport comes directly to our site)
  • Dinners on nights 2 and 3. (You may choose to have dinner in your own cabin, with the group at the Dining Hall, or take quiet time or a solo hike before the evening sessions.)
  • Formal lunches on days 2, 3 and 4. (Healthy snacks and substantial proteins will available throughout the day. For many, this will suffice as lunch. Other participants may want fuller meals in their cabins or the Dining Hall.)

Why give yourself the gift of this 2019 Fall Women’s Retreat? 

Because no one can caretake your life and your future better than you.

Because no one can hear your inner voice more clearly than you.

Because no one knows what you are done with more profoundly than you.

Because the opportunity is rare to be in specially-created space with other women, expressly to celebrate the life you’ve lived so far, harvest its lessons, and make room for your deserving and rich road ahead!


This retreat will accommodate a maximum of eight women (plus two Retreat leaders). We purposefully keep it an intimate number to enable deep engagement with each woman’s scenarios. You’re encouraged to claim your spot early!

Questions? We’re happy to chat. Click here to schedule an exploratory call with Sue.


“I have many memories of the retreat days at the lovely cottage and how healing and orienting they actually have been for me. . . . The event mixed being with doing and thinking with playing, which has been pivotal to what I have made of my life after corporate work. I just wanted to take the opportunity to say a truthful and profound thank you to both of you for creating that experience with me.”

— V.A. former global IT consultant, now travel / guesthouse owner


“The retreat provided a wonderfully safe process to guide me to some inner thoughts that I actually suppressed under the weight of my working life…. I’m involved in whole new work endeavors now, with new partners  and a fabulous chamber choir that’s the caliber I find immensely fulfilling! I am deeply indebted to you for supporting me through the journey to this place.

— Fiona Henderson, Hanya Partners, United Kingdom