About Sue

Sue_2011_2People who have worked with me describe me as warm, supportive, insightful, directional, intuitive, precise, and a deep listener. I’m possibilities-oriented and business savvy.

In 2017 I began transitioning from a loved career in organizational development to studying, writing about, and working with women over 50. Having watched outstanding women leaders and thinkers reconsider their purpose and path at what used to be retirement age, I became wildly curious about the themes we’re all experiencing as we reach this time with so much still to contribute. I interviewed 100 women in 2016 between the ages of 50-93, captured astoundingly consistent themes on priorities, non-negotiable practices, lessons learned from loss, advice to younger women and so much more. I also had the privilege of capturing 100 life stories including the  transformations many have made during what Mary Catherine Bateson calls “the age of active wisdom” or “second adulthood.” My book is in process — and so are the exciting women’s groups I’ll be hosting globally.

Until 2017, I worked as a consultant, coach and facilitator in Conscious Business & Conscious Communication.
My greatest passion was spent helping people put into action the values they held dear in relationships and business dealings. This is important to all of us, whether we’re team leaders, individual contributors, board members, or lovers (in the fullest sense of the word). As a lifelong student of communication, I often placed emphasis on identifying crucial conversations needing to be had and often at the root of current discontent.

As one of Fred Kofman’s* most experienced facilitators, I’ve offered workshops and coaching to that translate Conscious Business and Conscious Communication into powerful daily tools and practices. This can change a company’s whole culture, one conversation at a time. I also offered T3s for trainers and coaches who want to teach Conscious Business in their own organizations.

My clients include leading-edge organizations like Huffington Post and global giants like Shell Oil as well as businesses in high-tech, healthcare, newspaper, auto, pharmaceutical, higher education, consulting and insurance.  I’ve had the privilege of teaching thousands of people the tools of Conscious Communication in over 40 countries throughout Asia, South America, Australia, Europe, Canada and the US.  From this experience, I’m able to quickly detect opportunities in clients’ communication and offer practices to shift work outcomes while strengthening trust with others.

I founded Brightman Glover International in 2000 to focus on Conscious Business as my primary consulting, coaching and teaching platform. I had the rare opportunity to study transformational leadership directly with *Fred Kofman (author Conscious Business, MIT Teacher of the Year, LinkedIn’s VP of Leadership Development) for two years in the Leading Learning Communities (LLC) program. My career roles include serving as a Global OD Consultant/Coach at Shell Oil, as Director of Leadership Development for Pulitzer Newspapers, and as Employment/Employee Relations Manager at The Christian Science Monitor.

I’m a certified Coach through Deep Change Institute, a trained chaplain, and have extensive experience in the field mental health.  My masters work was in HR Administration and Education after earning a BA in Corrections. I completed Harvard Law School’s certificate program on Negotiation and am certified in numerous culture and leadership assessment instruments including the SQ21, LSI, OSI, Kolbe, MBTI, as well as a certified facilitator in the highly acclaimed Power and Systems Organization Workshop.

I’ve designed and facilitated 150 online workshops and authored many training programs including a T3 for virtual trainers/facilitators.

Informal background.
They say expert chess players are better than good chess players only because they see patterns more quickly. One of my strengths from working with thousands of people as a coach and teacher is my ability to see patterns of thinking quickly. Alongside thirty years as an interviewer and “storycatcher,” I realize I was born to listen and witness others’ possibilities. This has always quickened the work clients and I do together —  finding a way forward through a challenge, preparing for a crucial conversation, or composing a further life after age 50. I respect the complexities we all have in our lives and have seen transformative outcomes for people who have found trusted places where they can tell their stories and discover the inner knowing that leads to desired changes in their lives. My work as a chaplain has also brought me heightened awareness about prioritizing what is most meaningful in our lives. My own life has been full of twists and turns that give me empathy for the unexpected.  I became a single parent when my children were 10 and 7, three years after we became a family through adoption. They are among the biggest loves of my life! I relate to all those who are re-purposing their lives professionally while also trying to be the best partners, parents or grandparents they can be. I have a loved sibling with a mental illness from whom I am learning much about experiencing happiness, hope and growth under any circumstances. I’ve become active in the mental health community, co-facilitating a spiritual support group twice a month for people and their family members challenged by mental illness, and served as quarter-time Executive Director of INMI (Interfaith Network for Mental Illness) as well as the board of Colorado Recovery Trust. After living in six US cities and Europe (Amsterdam), I settled in Boulder, Colorado where I hike and kayak as much as possible – and continue my slowly-growing skill as a djembe drummer. I’m deeply committed to both my professional and spiritual growth.