100+ Wise Women: Book & Groups

100 sparkling women between ages 50-93 have been interviewed for a research-based book on what it’s like to pioneer a new way of being in what anthropologist Mary Catherine Bateson calls “the age of active wisdom.” No longer does traditional retirement and slack follow the arc of a successful career  – nor do most women want it that way! In the stories collected, women are proving that 50+ is indeed ripe for redefining.

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Coaching is a unique blend of support and loving challenge to help you attain a desired new way of being and doing.  It’s an investment in yourself to have someone in your corner, totally focused on your development. If you’re looking to identify your unique purpose and/or refine the natural qualities/characteristics that are “you,” coaching accelerates the process. The only prerequisite is a strong desire to move toward something different OR a significant dissatisfaction with the way things are. Learn more »

Conscious Business / Communication Programs

Workshops, Master Trainer programs, and Consulting for leaders and teams. Based on Fred Kofman’s powerful principles and transformative tools in the groundbreaking book “Conscious Business: Building Value Through Values” and applied in the most successful companies in the world. Discover what it means to bring about “success beyond success” for yourself and your organization. Learn more »